Dirty laundry.. we all have it

I am folding laundry at my sons house, only because I am washing my clothes here (and I am on babysitting duty). My dryer broke down over a year ago and drying towels by hanging them is great, if you like luffas, but I don’t. Some clothes are already in the dryer soooo.. I take them out and set about folding them.

This is the first time I have used their washer and dryer and that alone is testing my abilities to navigate shit in my old age!. What buttons to press hmmmm, and that is only after making an executive decision on what to use for laundry detergent.

I narrowed it down to two choices, a little jar of unmarked white powder stuff, or a pump type hand- soap looking container. I try to read the little print on the little plastic bottle and I’m sure it says 215 loads, but that can’t be right.. can it? Ah well, I give it two squirts and think I’ve just wasted two loads in one! Why is this so complicated?

Up next is folding the clothes from the dryer. First up is a tiny tshirt which must be my little grandaughters it is so cute and has a company logo on it. Next is some tiny jogger type pants, jesus.. the legs are so skinny my arm wouldn`t even fit in it, let alone a leg! Wow they must stretch I guess.

Now comes a pair of equally tiny jeans.. was I ever this skinny I wonder. Ahhh… the ass is worn and torn, now I can certainly relate to this, but wait .. this is the new style! My ass would be bulging out like that Easter bread with all the rounded bumps. These are my daughter in laws clothes and she is a size small, but my god .. I am starting to feel as big as the house I am in.. geez.

Along comes a big sweatshirt inside out, or is it supposed to be inside out, inside out is the new outside in, showing the seams, hmmm. I own one of those and I am still confused when I put it on. I also find out that the dryer plays a little tune when its finished and THAT accounts for the mysterious noise I heard last night, thinking the granddaughter had a toy in her bed with her.

I leave all that stress downstairs and come back up to find her out like a light, watching her beloved Elmo on DVD. I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom and gently lay her down in her crib. Well that is sorta true, she is really heavy and it takes all my strength and more to keep from dumping her into that crib, with the high ends.. geez. Are my arms getting shorter?

As exhausted as I feel, I decide to watch a little TV before turning in. It had taken me 10 minutes to figure out how to put the Elmo DVD in and make it work. The reward was my granddaughters whoop of approval “YAYYYY you did-it nana!!!!” She has the biggest smile and she was so patient with me, I love her soooo much. Its hard to believe she is only two and she is PROUD of ME… go figure.

I now turn my attention back to the TV and try to disconnect the DVD and turn the satellite back on. Now I could go on and on about how many ways I tried to figure out how to get the TV back on, and the satellite to cooperate with an actual channel, but I won’t.

This techie stuff is daunting and makes me feel so inadequate, I give up and go to bed telling myself I am not really stupid.. but, but. So here I am, feeling my age and my short arms, hearing things and now I’m feeling less intelligent than when I arrived here one short day ago.

Thank goodness I am only babysitting and trying to do a load of laundry.. and maybe that’s a sign. I need to read more books, I know how to read dammit! Watching a TV with hundreds of channels would only make me lust for more. My TV at home has one channel and it is free.. on an antenna. This is the result of my discontent with Shaw cable! Is this going to be my life going forward I wonder?

The computer and my phone are fairly simple, ok so.. my smart TV is so much smarter than me, I just leave it alone. One channel is enough, if I get really fed up I will hook back up to Netflix. I think I can .. I know I can.. I did it before so  how hard can it be.. right???

ahhhh fluffy clean warm towels from the dryer.. time to call in a repairman for my own dryer.. see its this way, they have people for everything. Oh.. and make sure you have lots of money tucked away, the government doesn’t pay you enough to be old.. repairmen and service people are not cheap.

Just sayin..