Sex or bacon.. decisions big and small

Lisbon, Portugal, Morocco, Casablanca .. meet me at the Casbah! That is soooo romantic and I have a chance to actually be a part of all this…

But here I am, holed up at the lake, in my sons old cabin. He is having a new one built on the site of where mine used to be. It has been raining a lot and I have no running water because of the new construction. (our two cabins were linked to the water supply and sewer). An invisible umbilical cord now severed..

Truth be told, I’m unsure of why I have secluded myself here. At first it was to reconcile myself to a new way of lake-life without my own place. Putting in some sister time is cool, I’ve been missing her. She also has a cabin here, we are only separated by geography and years. She being the young and foolish one and I the older and wiser sister, but she has running water hmmm.. so ok, she wins!

But.. but.. she has gone home and I am still here a week later, no shower AND I am using an outhouse! (hmmm.. who is the foolish one now?)) Eating freezer burned food is also not too wise. The leftover fire-grilled chicken kabobs from last year are still perfectly edible.. when fried in lots of bacon fat! My imagination has taken flight and I can see that bag of mysterious breaded lumps (in the freezer).. sizzling now, mmmm!

The take-out Vietnamese food I picked up on my way here is long gone (well ok a couple days gone). The leftover noodle bowl is surprisingly tasty at lunch next day, eaten cold. The last of the bacon went down yesterday.. and I am sated.

“A sigh of contentment, the feeling of ‘all is right with the world’ can be achieved only two ways, with exquisite sex.. or eating bacon!” CLMargerate

BUT .. the bacon is gone (and no sexual partners in sight) and here it is tomorrow already. Where to from here I wonder as I ponder my life. Working til September then freelancing was the plan, but now I have a detour, one of my own making. (see a previous blog ho ) I quit my job.

Sometimes I think “just beam me up Scotty” .. my job here is done!

A friend pops up in my messenger box on FB.. “what would it take to entice you to come?” Well money of course but .. but.. I start daydreaming of  the possibilities. A ten day “culinary learning journey” through Portugal and Morocco .. ending up in Casablanca and the Casbah! Unfortunately the government hardly  pays me enough to live, let alone travel.

I may be jobless but I have a wealth of knowledge, I could be worth a lot of money as a consultant to any food related business. The bacon fat alone stirred my creative juices with the crazy possibilities of inspired offerings.

Alas .. in order to be a consultant someone has to hire me, hmmm, there is always a freaking catch. Maybe a food magazine will pay me to write about this experience of a lifetime? I am trying to transition from the food industry to being a writer.. who the heck would pay me to eat and write AND travel the world..  I wonder?

Some of my culinary friends

This culinary journey also includes my esteemed peers in the food industry, I am awed and humbled by them, in that order. Some are already my friends and the rest could be new friends in waiting, should I decide to go. You can never have too many friends right?

Who remembers trips not taken because we were too busy working and were out of our comfort zone? Money always seems an issue and some hoard it away until they have enough. AND, what is enough I wonder? I also know a few that never had a chance to spend that hoarded money, death came for them first, as it will for all of us eventually.

How many memories lost.. for want of an exciting journey never taken? Lord.. I don’t want to regret missing out on this trip! OMG.. I think I just made a decision. This is what happens when I sit down to write and mull over a dilemma I have been trying to figure out.

Its like this, I have done my time. Giving of myself..  stretching my mental and physical abilities to the limits to achieve what was needed, either for my family or my businesses. Now it is time for me.

It’s time to get packing and I mean that literally, for myself and for my life. I am as excited as hell to start co-ordinating how I’m going to pull this trip off! AND, a really long exquisite shower awaits me at home! I think I’ll pick up some bacon along the way..


Ps.. another decision made over 25 years ago, to go to a Catersource conference (food related) was a ‘life-changer’ too.  Feeling good vibes here, stay tuned.