Its all about me.. My Third Life

Am I a writer I wonder? I dunno .. writers have proper grammar and punctuation and know how to spell. They agonize over stuff like that, while I just go tripping along letting everything spill out onto the page. “It just pours outta ya.. doesn’t it?” was a past lovers remark, this on a particularly lengthy email. He was very much educated but ‘talked’ like that on paper.. a part of his many and varied charms, wink, wink..

I guess stuff does ‘pour outta me’ and trying to hold it in, is futile, how did this even come about? My words spew forth as if I’m talking to you or some imaginary friend. It’s true I have no filter but I do try not to curse, that F word sneaks out once in awhile and I apologize. At least on here I can go back and make it gentler, or not, depending on my mood I guess.

I started writing, over five years ago and it was as if a dam burst open, the words poured forth in torrents. It gave me purpose and a forum for all the voices in my head. Unleashing these thoughts and sometimes my inner demons brought about a fulfillment of sorts. Questions floating around in my head take form and once on paper.. sometimes answers appear, like magic! (the voices are all mine btw)

Dividing my life up into thirds was the only organized thing I have ever done. My first life began in a family with six siblings, raised by a single mom. Living on welfare and the generosity of grandparents, I was a rebellious soul. I ran away from home at 12yrs old, not too far though, just to a favorite aunt and uncles. My nana also looked out for me, and I loved her dearly.

Quitting real school came next and achieving my hairdressing certificate! I got married and opened four hair salons along the way, while also starting a family. Whew.. my life was full and hectic. I worked for everything we needed, accomplishing more than most I think. This all came crashing down when the ex thought he should have his own business too. That was the end of my first life..

My second life was built from the ashes of bankruptcy, another business started with my family in tow, child labor and all. Catering by accident, nothing weird about that eh? It thrived, the marriage did not and after making it a successful venture, we sold it to the kids. Venturing out on my own while ending that 40yr marriage took guts, and that’s how I started into My Third Life.

Now I have to say here, this has been my most exciting and best life by far! It’s not perfect and if it was.. how dull and boring would that be anyway? Stuff happens to me all the time or maybe I attract it.. who knows, surely not I. I’m a seeker, with a thirst for knowledge of everything,¬†and I love being around people of every ilk (see.. that’s a writers word!)

A lot has happened to me in all my lives so far, more than most I think. I’m not young anymore, but inside I am. I wonder how many of you can relate to this? I’m not dead yet either and I hope I die in an exciting way, like the way I live my life. Not like Al Capone (look it up… loll). Humor nourishes me and keeps me sane and I practice safe sex.

There you have it .. a synopsis of me and my-thirdlife.

Should I live past 100 years old then I will start My Fourth Life.. I wonder if I will still need to practice safe sex..hmmm