Cyndi and Cher.. One is dressed to kill and the other is wearing combat boots!

….”AND WHAT IS YOUR GRANNIE DOING TONIGHT?” .. the crowd explodes into cheers and applause..

WOW.. WOW.. WOW.. Where to start? I have to start by saying all the ‘grannies’ that attended the Cyndi Lauper and Cher concert last night are going to be strutting today!!! Yes indeed.. that was a kick ass show and made me just a little bit proud to be in the same age group of these two icons!!

Cyndi Lauper was in her element, captivating me right off the bat with her attitude and her combat boots! Gotta admit I was more than a little excited to see what she had to offer, having seen Cher a few times, Cyndi was my focus. I thought I heard her choke a little on the first song and I momentarily thought ‘oh hell.. this is going to suck’. Then she kicked into high gear and never looked back.

Her self-depreciating humor and off hand remarks connected us to her right off the bat, and she paused several times to just talk about her life and some of the songs. I’m sure she was gauging us on what to sing and I got the feeling she picked some of her songs on the spot and conveyed that to her band.

The more she performed the more in awe I became..! Wow, that woman cannot only sing and captivate an audience, but my god what an entertainer. Her stage was minimal.. just her and the band, with this massive silver violet curtain behind her (you just knew there was something fantastic behind that curtain).

As her high energy performance drew us in, that curtain faded away and it was pure Cindy Lauper magic that assaulted us and dragged us in begging for more! She definitely brings new meaning to ‘your momma wears combat boots!’ My god.. can that woman sing!!.. and why am I so surprised?

Announcing her 61st birthday the next day, the whole audience broke out into the happy birthday song.. we were pathetic, but I think she liked it. I have to say the ticket price just to see her would have been worth it.. ok, now where am I gonna get me a pair of those combat boots!


The music blares and the curtain dramatically drops and there thirty feet in the air her stature like an Egyptian queen, standing on a Grecian like column, is Cher

Jesus.. and bloody hell! If I thought I got my moneys worth with Cindy I totally under-estimated Cher!! This is a production that boggles the imagination, well just a bit because I wasn’t expecting this massive, worthy of ‘Las Vegas’ number!

Cher .. you have done it again! I loved you 35 years ago when I saw you preform live and I have followed your life since, but I love you even more now. You did not disappoint.. and I confess to looking for ‘cracks’ in your performance and finding none.. I am ecstatic!!

We were treated to scenes pulled from ‘The Sonny and Cher shows’ and videos from every aspect of her life , even her Oscar win! Every part of her life, so far, was framed up on this huge beautifully done screen that projected in high definition some of the action on stage as well.

Yes she had dancers and acrobatic guys in skimpy costumes (girls too), and the numbers were choreographed to changing sets that defied description. There was an enormous gold Trojan Horse which was pulled out onto the stage from the ‘screen’ by ‘Egyptian slaves’. Cher emerged from the front of the horse as it opened up.. omg! She was ablaze in gold and .. and.. I can’t even remember what she sang! It was freaking awesome.

And yes she was ‘flown through’ the audience standing on a silver archway diffused with light! But the number I remember most is the little black simple jumpsuit harem kinda thingy she wore as she sat on a stool on the middle of the stage.. and belted out the ‘Jesse James’ song.

She was also receptive to conversing with the audience and what a treat that was. She confessed to a love/hate relationship with the Jesse James song. She also confessed to sometimes screwing up another song that she proceeded to belt out and I already forgot what it was.. the Jesse James song is still in my memory.

She paid tribute to Sonny with a duet (him on a screen that descended from above) and they sang ‘I got you babe’. She said he would have loved it, he was such a ham.

And last but not least for me anyway, was the little number she wore that was basically strings of sequins leaving little to the imagination. A little red heart pastie covered her left breast that she must have borrowed from a twenty year old (the breast, that is).

Cher was not only candid in her conversations with us, like it is was not easy being thirty feet up in the air with only dental floss holding you in place. But also about singers not taking her seriously and actors not accepting her either (she won an Oscar .. for gods sakes!).

She was also very upfront on her age, “I was inconsolable when I turned 30” she thought that was old “and here I am.. I’m now 68 years old!” … and then came the zinger as she quietly added.. “and what is your grannie doing tonight?”

Well.. I know what I am going to be doing .. I am going to find me one of those red heart pasties.. right after I hit the gym and lose a gazillion pounds!

Yep.. combat boots and little red heart pasties…

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  1. Wow, Cyndi and Cher have been performing together for a long time. I saw them about 15-20 years ago, during Cher’s first retirement tour. I would like to go to another one of her concerts. She makes women feel that age is not an obstacle!

    1. They are amazing and Cher did not disappoint this time either! Thank you for your comment and thanks for reading, I appreciate all that read my blog.

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