Congratulations Trump.. you have finally made America HATE !

Round up all the smart people and charge them with something, check their deleted emails. Oh but don’t jail them just yet, wait til they have paid their taxes. You’ll need their money, at least until you can figure out how to wrangle more from the poor and the working class.

Let all the racists, liar’s, cheaters and sexist white people out of jail to make room for the smart ones. Stupidity and sexism is the new reality. While you are ridding the country of different races.. are you going to let the Indians stay? Is it ok to call them Indians now, or is it too early on?

I wonder if your forefathers, whom all came from different countries, unless you have native American blood in you, are proud of you right now. Everything they have built and fought for all these two hundred and forty years.. may have been in vain.trump

The Trumped up promise of Nirvana for all, is a lie you know. You knew that .. right? Congratulations America, you have elected to go back in time and isolate yourself from the world.

You have just succeeded at making it a much more unstable place to live, for all of us! It looks like you really don’t care about the rest of the world, do you?

Maybe you should get started on that wall .. to keep you all inside. In our Country we care, and we want to keep our children safe from bigotry, sexism and HATE.

You know that saying “we’ve come a long way Baby?” well America, unfortunately this doesn’t apply to you! I think you just threw out the baby with the bathwater.

Here’s hoping it doesn’t  drown in a sea of regrets.


footnote: I have a lot of American friends and I didn’t write this to offend you, this is my opinion on your elected President. We all have lessons to learn in life, that is my belief. I believe this election and its outcome is going to be a one of those bigger lessons sent to us all, why.. ? I have no idea.

This is going to take everyone, maybe the whole world, even, on a very long journey. Lord keep us safe and our children free from discrimination and hate. We all live on this planet together and we are more alike than different. We have intelligence and compassion, its what separates us from the animals.

I am rooting for humanity and dignity for all..