Keeping my clothes on.. really?

images9mu447cdSo this is me.. seeking out a naturopath, alternative medicine for the soul? Can events from our past affect our future wellbeing? Unresolved conflicts showing up as diagnosed illnesses? I am skeptical, a trauma turns up when I was 14 yrs old.. ? hell I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning!

The trauma thing has been bugging me, but I’m not losing sleep over it. Sleeping has become the issue actually. I have added a late morning nap into my day, along with the mid afternoon one. Going to bed at 7:00 one night was a bit much, but I turned in anyway and slept around the clock.

The appointment is with a BPFX Biofeedback Analyst, certified nutritionist, chartered herbalist , photo compared blood analyst and lastly a certified reflexologist… whew! He directs me to sit in this big old plush leather recliner and I literally sink into it. images-132

He  starts hooking me up with bands around my wrists, ankles and head, then hooks in probes. At least I don’t have to take my clothes off, I’m liking this already. I ask if this will hurt, he assures me it is safe, I may feel a tingle or warm sensation.. this just gets better.

I sign away my rights to hold him responsible for any misdiagnosis (he is not allowed to diagnose anyway, just to make observations). He turns on the machine, it is hooked into a computer and proceeds to ‘read my energy patterns’ or lets say aura.

imagesw9l3o84uMy belief is, we all have an aura, and it emanates from within us. Some, a lucky few, can actually see them.. most of us cannot. Many of us can, however, feel them. When you meet someone new do you sometimes get a good or a bad vibe? You feel goodness or maybe sense uneasiness .. sometimes, very rarely (thank goodness) you can get a whiff of evil!

My mission here is to check out all my options.. my health has become a priority. Taking control of what happens to me, has been a source of joy in this.. my third life. I don’t know how much time I will have here, but I am enjoying everyday.. I want to prolong it if I can. “Carpe Diem”  has been my motto these past few years. (seize the day)

He is asking me questions and the flow of conversation goes back and forth. Seems I have an allergy to sulfates (which I already knew) whenever I drink a bottle of red wine I get such a terrible head-ache! But yes, I do have an allergy to sulfates.

A down (feather kind) allergy shakes me up a bit. My pillows are ‘Pacific Coast’ and I only buy them when they are on sale 1/2 price at Sears.. they cost a fortune! I need time to think this one over, maybe I will just put them away for a bit and see..  maybe..images3316vjcy

He finds asbestos levels and I am still trying to figure that one out.. I have a manufactured home down south and it is very old, could there be asbestos in the insulation? That is one I will check out for sure.

We also discuss what brought me here, his readings confirm a couple points although he disagreed on a third one. An hour and a half later he unhooks me from the machine.. just when I am ready to have a nap, darn!

This was an interesting visit and I decide to follow suggestions he has made for me. What do I have to lose.. my appointment with a specialist is in 10 days time, at least this gives me something positive I can do meantime.

Drinking 10 gallons of water a day will be the biggest challenge.. (ok, so it is only one gallon). I am a coffee drinker and tea.. but now it looks like only swiss decaf and I need to add sea salt (from the dead sea, or there-abouts) to my drinking water.

The money spent on three different kinds of tablets and pills could be considered an investment in my healthiness. The sea salt and water will be the biggest challenge.. or so I thought.

imagescfpemdkuThe receptionist on hearing my story insists I drink a glass of water morning and night with the juice of one squeezed lemon in each! (now can I use the sea-salt water and double up?) hmmmm

Turns out the capsules inserted into the vagina, (I know you are mentally thanking me for sharing that and you’re welcome) are the biggest challenge, believe me. I have visions of the specialist looking up there and seeing all these empty capsules and getting excited and exclaiming “I have found your problem!”

There are worse things in life.. death comes to mind. Taking control of my own body and health is important to me and I want to know all my options.. that’s all.