My Childs.. child, is graduating

images (125)My granddaughters grad BBQ for her friends and the family is today .. it is hard to believe this beautiful child that I love so much is graduating high school. What lies in store for her I wonder?

Do you remember your graduation and what your thoughts were and your dreams of the future? I don’t .. because I never did graduate. Beauty school was in my future always, I think, and who needed grade twelve for that..dumb huh?

My own daughters graduation was sweet.. at least she graduated. She couldn’t get out of the house fast enough though and her brother was moved into her room before her car left the yard even. That was such an emotional event for me, but freeing for her I guess.images (126)

No more rules,  what the heck is it about rules anyway? We just can’t wait to break loose and have our freedom from those rules! What were we thinking, how many of us wish we could do that over again?

As old as I am I still have dreams of being back in high school and trying to finish it. I have absolutely no desire to go back to school in my waking life but my sleep life likes to torture me with what could have been (I never get to graduate in my sleep life either).

imagesPU52MLTKIt was a surprise for my daughter on her first foray back home, to discover her room was no longer hers. We were equally surprised at how our water consumption went down so dramatically! (we hauled water to our cistern.. country living has it’s downsides).

She was also wearing her jeans more than once I noticed.. funny how when you use a Laundromat, how long your clothes last between washings. Did she miss us I wonder now.. I know I missed her and a few things that tended to disappear whenever she visited (pay back does come around though.. lol).

Now her daughter is graduating and that is why I am reminiscing I guess. Weird thing about this, is my granddaughter has moved in with me to start her new journey into the world. Is this a new trend I wonder, our kids fly the coop but the grandkids are like homing pigeons.. ?images (124)

She is paying rent and buying her own food and we are negotiating rules. There it is again.. rules.. what is it about rules that kids hate so much? Well I think we need them to protect ourselves and them from a whole lot of unnecessary hurt and misunderstandings.

When you venture out on your very own you can make your own rules. Should you decide to co/habitate with .. hmmm.. anyone, actually.. there needs to be rules of understanding so you don’t kill each other.

images (122)That is why we have marriage vows.. for better or for worse .. same with divorce.. for those that abuse the vows. (Saves adding up the body count). Maybe we should have a ceremony or some sort of paperwork (with rules) for anyone living together.

A ‘Declaration of Co-habitation’ and there-in a set of guidelines for the un-initiated venturing forth to live with another person for the first time. It could also serve as a pre-requisite to getting married for those choosing that path. 

Graduation looms and independence is this close.. a whole life ahead of you to explore and experience. How many of us wish we would have been more fearless?

How many of us knew we were so perfect and smart and educated and how many had confidence in our ability to venture forth and conquer the world? I thought not .. but I need my granddaughter to know this, she is so smart and beautiful and now.. educated. Always be true to yourself and listen to your gut instincts images (123)

The most important thing I want is for her to follow her dreams and make them happen ..I don’t really know who said this but I wish I did..”don’t wait for your ship to come in.. go and build it! “

I wonder if I could take night classes in my dreams and finally get that elusive diploma.. Na.