come and play with me

I caught up with a couple old friends yesterday. When I say old friends I don’t mean they were old.. well they are getting old the same as me, oh forget it, I am digging a hole here get a shovel! What a really nice surprise, it is like connecting the dots again and filling in the blanks.images342XL6KXimagesSCKXKZLP

I think of them every once in awhile and wonder what they are up to and how their kids are doing. One in particular I would love to meet again and discuss some stuff I wrote about once. I think we could have a lively debate.

My ‘old’ friend (I hope he reads this.. lol) thought that as a hairdresser (my first life) I had it made… all we needed was a pair of scissors and voilà .. a license to print money! He is an electrical engineer. I dated an engineer once, my grandson got really excited, I found out he was telling everyone “he drives the big locomotive trains”… lolimages (43)

Anyway, engineer friend (old one.. not the train one) got really excited when we brought in an expensive microscope to do hair analysis, in the salon I owned. While I cut his wife’s hair, he proceeded to analyze the shit out of everyone’s hair. He wasn’t happy until I was explaining to him the different color spectrums and then showing him how to operate the tensile strength machine ( another machine designed to find out how strong the images (45)hair was).

What is it with men and machines I wonder? Doesn’t take much to keep them happy and content, but I suppose the same could be said for me and a store full of shoes. Or a ‘Ross dress for less’ store we don’t have those in Canada, and more is the pity for that!

These dear friends took an interest in my salon and later in my catering business  as well. They went on to become loyal customers and promoted my services to all their friends. This great friend even went on to build two of  our barbeques in the catering business. Some people just seem to be in your life for a reason and I think these two will always be a part of my life, somehow.bbq

I would love to see more of them, but the chance meeting, which turned into a two hours of catching up on our lives,  over supper.. may not happen again for awhile. They are still in ‘work mode’ and I have progressed to ‘retirement mode’.imagesFGV5XH5C

In ‘work mode’ you just don’t have time to ‘do lunch’ or do drinks or do a lot of things. When you do have time to visit over coffee, drinks or a meal I notice the ‘work mode’ people checking their watches and being somewhat distracted. This is mostly people that run and own their own businesses.images3KUS0KTO

People that have real jobs (the ones that work for others) don’t have these distractions. They are not committed to devoting their life to their job, and can relax and leisurely enjoy life more than us ‘creators of our own fate’.

I was fond of telling everyone I owned my own business because initially, I wanted to be rich, but also because I wanted to be master of my own fate. In reality you could say that we have more or less bought ourselves a job that no one can fire us from! Unless you are into real estate (investing years ago) or you can make your own apps (and not the eating kind) you will never be rich and are pretty much in it  for the long haul.

Our small businesses keep the economy running (well I did my share) and it was always a struggle. So to my friends that are still working.. I understand. When you retire you will come to this understanding as well.. to the value of real honest to goodness.. undistracted free time. It is lovely and it is lazy, and it is boring as hell sometimes.. and we need more of you to retire so we have someone to play with!imagesSXJNQQFY

It would be so much fun for me if I could phone up these two good friends and say .. “come on , lets go for breakfast and see what kind of ca ca we can get ourselves into today”.. yep, I would really enjoy that …..images0YEACKJ6