psst.. are we old enough yet?

I am officially 70 years young.. I am not old in my head yet, I still feel like I am on an exciting journey! On some level I know this should be old, but hell.. I have no clue how I am supposed to act.. and that is true!

Some may think I am delusional, those my age know exactly what I am talking about. Well let me clarify, I think some accept the moniker and get old, I cannot. It pisses me off somewhat, that I can’t wear high heels anymore, that is just cruel. I am still on the hunt for a tall and sexy man with a great sense of humour, and wearing heels would just help…

Bidding the 69 moniker goodbye, was kinda sad..  I gleefully confessed to being that magic number. On the other hand my dad passed away at that age, so I have officially outlived my dad. I loved my sixties and it feels as though I’ve lived a whole life in that decade.

Starting my sixties with a huge surprise party, it was the beginning of a new life for me! My god, what was it that made me so brave and fearless? Trying to first save.. and then capitulating and ending a forty year marriage, ate up a couple of those years.

Someone had made a comment in my fifties, that sixty set him free.. I never forgot that. Realizing that life gets shorter on this side, helped as well. This opened my eyes to the possibilities for change.. and so began my desire to live a life worth living.

There weren’t any roadmaps for being in my sixties and single again. Giving away my own power left me without a social network to rely on. My family was always here waiting for me to come back, thank god. My freedom from a turmoil filled relationship was tempered by lonely sometimes, but never to the point of wishing that relationship back… ever!

Living in the single lane can sometimes be boring and lonely.. yes, but better that than the alternative.. I do measure it against experiencing the pure freedom of living by myself with no one to answer too! AND I am older and wiser to boot! Well ok, the wiser part will come soon.. right?

The quest for a man continues.. you notice I didn’t say perfect? The perfect men are all married off to women that know what they’ve got. The rejected ones are on all the dating sites I have wandered onto. Lord please save me from the true crazies and I suffer through the losers. The weird I’ll save for another blog.

My quest for a decent man is fueled by one that took my breath away, right after the divorce. He was five years my junior, but age is just a number.. right? Actually if it weren’t for him I would probably have no desire to find another mate. Needless to say I am now aware of the pleasures of sexual intimacy and the feelings of emotional bonding and love. Not bad huh?

Men aside.. my creative juices flowed, networking and making new friends was manna for my soul. I’ve brought to market two new products that are dear to my heart. There are two more on the drawing board, I would love to start on them, but sadly I have to market these ones first… darn!

Starting a blog that a dear friend suggested to me, has been my true love. Writing (I am not a ‘schooled’ writer of any sort, as you can tell) releases these imaginary chains holding in my potential to soar with the eagles.. and soar I do.. sometimes on a daily basis.

The thing is.. we all have this potential in us, age is not a factor. How we live our lives is what factors into the life we have. We are only bound by these same imaginary chains on our soul. We cannot experience pure joy by ignoring that which holds us back.

I learned all this in my sixties, my only regret is why did it take me so long..  it still puzzles me? This whole new life fueled my senses and filled my soul. What will I learn in my seventies I wonder? I get scared sometimes.. and lonely and sure, I even feel sorry for myself.. I want to wear those heels again dammit!

So I have the lucky number 7 prefixing my age now for the next decade. I am writing this down and sharing my thoughts with who I wonder? I do know this ..

I am  freaking soaring with eagles..  and what would it take to find your own wings?