Applebee’s take notice .. we’re not gonna take it anymore!

I consider myself to be in tune with most of what’s happening in the world today and also what’s happening in my own backyard. I like to express my opinions and I shovel praise and shit alike. If I like something I’ll share it and if I don’t I’ll ignore it or.. if it pisses me off, well out comes my blog!

This really pissed me off. A girlfriend and I decided on Applebee’s for appetizers and a drink last night. They have half prices on both after 9:00 pm. I checked out the Long Island iced teas on the regular menu only to be informed they are not the same on the half priced menu… hmmmmm.

So these are not really half price drinks but rather batches of specially made cheap drinks that you advertise as half price? Ok.. with me so far? I started looking at the regular drinks because I was only going to have one and I really wanted to enjoy it. I scanned the drink menus thoroughly and I’ll be dammed if I could find a price on any drink!!!

Lets be clear here.. they have descriptions and pictures and calorie counts and everything.. everything except a price! Our poor server was being tested to the limit, what is the price of this one or that one and what pray tell is the difference between the long island iced teas on the half price and the ones on the regular menu (NOT THE SAME INGREDIANTS.. really!)

Now I am a consumer and a customer and consider myself a Joe-average kinda person, or Mary-average.. whatever. I want to know on what planet it is ok to have establishments that ‘SELL FOOD’ but without prices? I should clarify here that the food did have prices.. as did the half price drinks (ahhh but were those really half price regular drinks or was that the full price cheap drinks and take half off of that.. yes it was confusing) it was the myriad of drinks on the regular menu that escaped the pricing gun.

Applebee’s certainly advertises their one dollar Margaritas.. but it ends there. You should also  know that they mix those by the gallons and keep it in the cooler and you need to stir the gallons before you ‘dispense’ them into a glass. Some get ‘weak’ drinks while others may get drunk on just one.

I know that really high end places can get away without having prices on their menus (or so I’m told) but we are talking chains here .. Applebee’s for gods sakes! Am I over-reacting do you think? I am not only incensed but I am freaking mad as hell!!! (I wanted so badly to use that f word like my friend in Vegas does, on her ‘Good for Spooning’ blog)

Applebee’s .. you not only suck, but you have false advertising on your half price drink menus as well. Shame on you and I really resent your superiority on not letting us peasants view the prices of your drinks.. and making us ask our beleaguered server for unnecessary information that should be listed.

I have never asked this of anyone that has  read my blog before.. but if you agree with me please share this, I think it is important to send them a message.. I just do!