Yes Virginia .. there is a CATERER !! (this was my response to a certain food magazine that encouraged couples to ‘ditch the caterer)

images (3)How do you put a price on peace of mind? Any caterer worth his salt will ensure you have that experience.

Yes Caterers cost money.. food cost money, everything cost money when you are looking at having the wedding of your dreams. Dear Virginia.. if you know nothing else, you need to know this, a good caterer will help make your dream wedding a reality. Yes Virginia, quite frankly.. most  restaurants are not equipped to do that!

imagesNGYV616FBy the way, putting your drunk cousin in charge of the bar (as an article in one magazine suggested) could turn that dream wedding into a nightmare.. please everyone, just don’t do it!

A delivered restaurant meal couldn’t pull off feeding the extra 20 people that showed up at a wedding we did last week. Oh.. and when the ceremony runs  late and the pictures run later still, well that’s when the delivered restaurant food could be iffy.

Your servers..  the aunts (roped into helping serve the restaurant food) would all be having a fit! The chaos in the kitchen would surely have spilled over into giving you a head-ache once  you have finally arrived, and there you are.. just newly married and with a head-ache already!imagesKIIYO6DM

As caterers we know what can or can’t be done.. trust me, along with other caterers we have been to over hundreds of weddings.. in the last year alone! Personally, over a thousand for me over the years.. lets see, 30 years, times 50 weddings a year,well you get the picture. We as caterers,  KNOW MORE ABOUT WEDDINGS than anyone else, and that includes MOST FOOD EDITORS at most food magazines,  just sayin..

The only time I got sick from food poisoning was at a potluck dinner at our annual family ‘long week-end’ celebration at the lake (we never knew who brought the offending dish.. and it is better this way).

untitled (85)I bring this up only because we caterers KNOW there is a special dish you want at your wedding. We are here to help make everything you want happen. Give us the recipe fo that dish and we will make it and make sure it is food-safe for your 200 guests.

If all else fails and aunt Marys dish is a secret recipe, (that can’t be divulged) we will guide her on how much to make and even give her a special table, labeled with her name on it. See Virginia, we are here to help you create that magical vision, as caterers we ‘WE WORK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX’ all the time!

Please know that your meal will be prepared in a licensed health board approved kitchen. I  mention this only because  there are some enterprising people, making food out of their home kitchens (that are not licensed or insured).

imagesJIX6B863Beware the rubber chickens from them, I heard someone at a food magazine was fed one, didn’t end well, trust me! Doesn’t hurt to ask a few qualifying questions, we even have a list of what to ask on our website.. you’re welcome.

We all used to be magicians in another life Virginia! Should something totally unexpected be happening at your wedding, you can be assured that we are working to correct it on the spot.

imagesI9X3LYIKThat beautiful tent wedding, where a wind came up and blew over all the set up tables, while the wedding couple were saying their vows in the church? They never knew until the next day, and never noticed we fixed the cake that decided to do an impression of the  leaning tower of Pisa. (it was a beautiful cake btw.. aunt Mary is so talented)

untitled (84)The behind the scenes ‘saves’ we, AS CATERERS have made,  will surprise most everyone .. but not our fellow caterers. We even have a ‘Magic Box’ filled with all sorts of things that can be forgotten on your special day.

A cake knife for aunt Mary’s beautiful cake,  no problem, corkscrews for all the wine bottles you need opened, at every table aaahhh.. where is drunk cousin when you need him? Actually that wouldn’t happen at one of ‘our weddings’ we like to discuss imaginary scenarios ahead of time so we don’t deplete our magical store.

Virginia.. should you want a roasted whole hog, I’m sure you know restaurants don’t produce those, right? Who wouldn’t know that? We can do that for you! Also should you want a food truck for the late snack lunch I think I know of someone, OR why not some Famous Nathans hotdogs with all the fixens?

imagesWVMIN1HIIn closing.. Yes Virginia there is a CATERER for you.. and we are an exciting and inventive lot and we can help you create the wedding you always imagined for yourself.. I promise!

WE ARE THE WEDDING EXPERTS .. (Ps  the magazines CALL US ,  yes  Virginia, they call CATERERS when they want beautiful photo shoots of fantastic food.. and beautiful weddings.)

Just one more ps..  Aunt Mary did get a little drunk and divulged her secret recipe to us (we decided to hire her to work in our kitchen .. she has been a terrific worker).

I wonder if a certain food magazine could use some help writing their stories.. I’m sure they’re going to have an opening..  images (98)

Better yet.. LET’S PUBLISH OUR OWN CATERING MAGAZINE.. we’ll call it ‘OUT OF THE BOX’ weddings produced by caterers in the know!

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