Best Buy or Worst Buy.. you be the judge.


I started this as an email to a friend of mine then decided to turn it into a blog.

I am writing you now while something is backing up my files … it is called ‘My Passport’ and it is ONE Terabyte? 1 TB which is like a billion kigobites or dinosaur teeth or whatever the hell that all means. Yes you are right about the younger generation and thank god for grandkids to help us keep it all straight.

Best Buy wanted to sell me a hard drive back -up (49.00) then charge me 100-200 bucks for the geek squad to show me how to use it. I wish I was exaggerating or kidding but I am not. Best Buy was always my go-to place to figure out what ails my techno gadgets and they were always really helpful..  but not anymore.. and guess what, they really don’t care either.

SOOOOOOO after explaining to the third person in there (which was the customer service rep) I parted ways with Best Buy and said “I could buy this here .. but because you have been less than helpful and don’t really seem to care, I will buy it at Target or Walmart for that very reason.” where upon he just shrugged his shoulders.

I proceeded over to Target a half block away, my expectations were running on zero. I was mourning the loss of a great store that I was fond of, one that always was so helpful to this older techno-challenged gal. I figured my only alternatives here were Walmart or Target.. I totally forgot about Staples another favorite of mine! I was still smarting from the really poor attitude at Worst Buy.. there, that made me feel better writing that, hah!

Listen up all you big retail stores .. I have something important to share with you. With the advent of online shopping, your stores could become white elephants. How many white elephants have you seen lately? EXACTLY! I will shop at a particular store and go out of my way to shop there if I am satisfied with how they treat me. I really do appreciate ‘customer service’ .. I just do.

My expectations going into Target were not hopeful and I may have left empty handed, except for Aurora. She asked if she could help me and I answered with “I sure hope you can help me”. (poor girl didn’t know the can of worms she was opening here… lol) Aurora proceeded to show me all my options, same as that other place.

The one I was going to buy at the other place was 10 dollars more here. I confess that I didn’t bat an eye, I was willing to spend 20% more on the same item because that other store did not deserve my money.. period! We need to stand up for principles, fairness and good old customer satisfaction.. dammit!

Treat a customer with disrespect “well we need to give those guys a paycheck” was customer services reply when I asked him why I had to pay so much extra?  A 100-200 dollar hit to get the Geek squads help for a 49.00 item, so I would know how to use it, sure didn’t sit well with me.

The young salesman at ‘Worst Buy’ (sorry but it gives me satisfaction) that showed me my options, was also willing to show me how to use it. I had to buy it first, until he went and ‘conferred with his boss’.. came back and said he wasn’t allowed to do that.. wow! The advice from the cash register guy when young salesman took me there, was to google it.. really!

Well I could also have saved myself the trip to that store and bought one on EBay if I was going to google how to use it.. but I held my tongue. Ok now where was I.. oh right, Aurora bless her heart, she was about to heal my open wound that was still smarting from ‘Worst Buy’.

I paid 20% more for the same item and she opened it up and we proceeded to figure out how to work it (I had my dinosaur Micro-soft Surface with me). Target in Yuma Palms Az., pay attention .. Aurora is a ‘keeper’, she was so patient and thoughful, even going to help a couple other people find stuff, while she was helping me.

Did I get my stuff done on my computer that needed to be done? No, but she helped me understand what I needed to do, and  patiently showed me how to open the files that needed to be opened. So here I sit writing my blog while my back-up hard drive is busy doing its job (or so I hope).

I did express to the customer service rep standing behind the desk at the front door at ‘Worst Buy’ my dilemma and unhappiness with the service. That is when he made the flippant remark about the paycheck. My reply was “do you ever wonder what kind of person writes to the CEO of a company to let them know how un-happy they are with their experience in their store?”  “well I am that person!” he just shrugged his shoulders .. double wow!

I didn’t tell him about my blog where I get my own personal satisfaction. I also think it is time to check out online techno stuff in the future and I do love Google… just sayin..