Well mom.. you are not going to believe this!

Dear mom

Today I confessed to my kids that my car is a mess and I said “I am just like my mom!” btw it is was not easy posting this picture and yes.. I am embarrassed and yes I am going to clean it up as soon as I finish this story.. (I am also a terrible procrastinator…sigh) and and .. I travel back and forth to the lake so .. so.. ah well. I am good at other stuff.messy lexus smallimagesYGHW9XKT

After years of rejecting comments from anyone and everyone that referred to me being just like my mother as blasphemous.. I have come to a realization! Omg .. I am just like my mother.. well let me qualify that please. Hmmm .. ok.. I may be somewhat like my mother BUT a new and improved .. yes that’s it.. a greatly improved version.

I know..  I am not ready to fully accept this but the facts are in. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck .. it is a freaking DUCK!! Say it ain’t so.. oh please say it ain’t so. How did this come to be I wonder, I have tried so hard to be the opposite of my mom.images (17)

We fought all the time over important issues like what restaurant should we eat at?? I, of course knew the best ones, which she picked apart even as she ate everything they served. One by one my list dwindled which would have been ok if I didn’t have to listen to the rehash of it every time the name was mentioned.imagesRAX2J127

BUT I got smart.. so ok.. it took me awhile to figure out that I needed to let her make the selection.. whew..  what took me so long? I could have saved a lot of anguish on that one. Turns out Kentucky Fried Chicken was a favorite. And why is it whenever my mom had an opinion on something important I would have to take the opposite view.. even if I agreed with her?

Maybe I was just showing my independence and trying out my smarts on her. Sometimes I wasn’t so smart and she was right all along. I wonder why we have a need to be so unlike our mothers? What the heck is wrong with that anyway? I’m sure there are daughters out there that strive to be more like their mothers but I did not know any.

What could be worse during an argument with your significant other than him hurling a “you are just like your mother” insult at you? “WELL YOU ARE JUST LIKE YOUR PIG-HEADED FATHER!”  is a start I guess. Btw my mother was right about him as well.. but I lasted 40 years before I gave up.imagesG513YUSS

She was a lousy housekeeper and not a very good cook and although I keep a cleaner house and I can cook quite well.. if I have to. I don’t have seven kids running around making my life a hellish struggle, without a mate to help… wow! Thank god for that..

Yes mom you were right about other things as well that have come to pass since your passing. And will you look at me.. and I think you are with me.. a lot! Here I am embracing a writing career .. well ok.. it is just blogging but I have even felt poetry inside of me and have felt the need to write that down as well.

You were an unfulfilled writer and poet and song writer and so very very talented.. I only wish I were more like you in those areas. You were a stubborn NDP supporter and omg… when Jack Layton was leading that party I became a believer too.. ! I know, you are rolling your eyes at me right now.

I know you did despair about me ever being talented at something you liked. Your sisters children tease me about being like you and I used to get a little huffy about that but I think they like me because of that?? I can see you smiling at that one .. ya .. I get the irony. As much as it pains me to admit it I think it is time to quit denying the obvious.

“YES I KNOW I AM JUST LIKE MY MOTHER ” !!!  Thank you..  thank you.. thank you !   (and you are still just like your pig-headed father.. may he rest in peace)…. ooops sorry my outside voice…images1QUUNA0Y




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  1. Yes, you are a lot like your mom………and I loved her dearly, faults and all….so guess the same goes for you.

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