News Update… the media must figure we are all morons

Well I promised not to use this blog as a platform for my views on politics. I’m sorry but I changed my mind.. yesterdays news coverage of a former Mayor in Toronto has me so upset I actually wrote to CTV and CBC expressing my feelings.untitled (9)untitled (8)

I have never really cared past the initial coverage of this person making an ass of himself and reflecting badly on our judgment of putting someone like him in office. He managed singlehandedly to make us all look like a bunch of illiterate rednecks.

At first it was ok.. we need to deal with this problem.. then it got to be a circus. The media really helped this yahoo get the attention that he seemed to enjoy. When did it get to the point that we now need updates on his medical condition?imagesJQGF57FP

The coverage of his medical condition and the updates reminded me of an assassination attempt on a president and a pope. In this case though.. it is an  assassination attempt by the media on all our senses, the updates actually made me want to upchuck!

Are we turning into a country of uneducated morons that need this flow of drivel to sustain us?  I swear I actually picked up the remote and changed the channel as soon as his picture was flashed onto the screen. It was not easy .. sometimes I couldn’t find the remote and so I needed to not only avert my eyes but also cover my ears at the same time..

The worst part is that I had the channel tuned into an all day news one. I thought I should catch up on what’s happening in the world while writing my blog. I thought I must be hearing things when they were announcing a special news coverage from the hospital and his doctors …omg… it was true. At first when it came on I thought that maybe he had died.. yes .. I really thought that! And ok..I admit I was a little relieved .. but it was shortlived..imagesUSL9NHF4

Like WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE??? Since when do we cover a former mayors medical condition like he was a pope or some kind of revered icon? Have we gone completely mad? And what of the media.. do you really think we care and need to know this information?

What will happen if he dies.. will we have a state funeral? Oh I think we should have a funeral alright.. for all this nonsensical coverage of some crack addicted individual that managed to make a mockery of not only the city of Toronto but all of Canada.untitled (11)untitled (10)

I find it very hard to believe that the media is covering all this for our benefit .. certainly not mine .. and I’d like to believe that I am part of a majority and you.. the media.. need to take a long hard look at what is news and what is not.

This is my update for you.. I am really and truly offended by your coverage of this drivel.. we deserve better.






2 thoughts on “News Update… the media must figure we are all morons

    1. I think if we never hear one more thing about this person our life will be that much richer for it. I refuse to even write his name fact the no-name former mayor of Toronto is appropriate here.

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