Weeding the garden of my discontent..

This may be too simple but.. could it actually be this simple? While pondering on my life I stumbled across this idea that kinda makes sense, well maybe only to me. We all want to live our best life or is it just me.. and Oprah? The people we surround ourselves with, is important. Weeding some out does not come easy, some weed me out and that helps. When it comes to the male species, let’s just say its a jungle out there.

Taking life as it comes is more my style, dealing with what comes my way. I have certainly kissed my share of frogs, some were ok but most were not worthy of the warts. Prince charming is surely for princesses and although I like to think I am a princess, alas I am not. A sexy senior is more like it, but maybe I am just an old hag? (and a mouthy old hag, at that)

So ok..  this mouthy old hag is laying in bed this morning mulling over her life and suddenly something occurs to me/her. We all have people in our lives that ‘fit’ for awhile and then for some reason they don’t ‘fit’ anymore? There are some that drain our energy and our time and leave us feeling empty..

What if we divide them into two groups of people, givers and takers? The givers give freely of themselves while the takers eventually suck you dry. It is not all black and white of course, and it takes awhile to figure it out, but eventually I will. This old hag/princess took forty years to figure one of em out!

The old hag .. lol

One thing I know for sure about the old hag/princess.. she is a people person. She/me is not a loner .. and goes out of her way, to be engaged in life. This brings me around to what I set out to write about this morning. People come and go in my life, some I mourn, others not so much. Why is this so? How do you know the path that’s right for you?

Being a giver for so many years, I wonder have I turned into a taker.. hmmm? This is a hard one for the old hag/princess to digest.. the sexy senior definitely gives freely but at what cost? The male species (that is for another blog) I think are mostly takers.. or maybe they are just weeds that need some deep cultivation.. hmmm.

Now before you throw bricks at all the takers, know this.. the givers give of their own volition, it is the takers that take advantage of that trust. Some say there is a give and take and a happy medium and maybe there is, but what if there isn’t? Maybe what we need to distinguish here, is a way to figure out which group we fall into and why?

Being open and honest is ‘giver’ trait. A free exchange of our thoughts and ideas is necessary for ‘givers’ to thrive. Being a safe place to share experiences on our journey here, is also on the ‘giver’ side. Being happy and genuinely glad to see that person is also a clue that they are ‘givers’. Being present for someone is also ‘giver’ material.

I would like to be her : )

I really strive to be a giver and a positive person sharing joy if I can. Negativity breeds contempt and I think dis-respect as well. Sure the old hag shows up once in awhile and I struggle with that, but there is no real happy there. Eventually ‘takers’ see the light and change their ways, but mostly not. Some have been takers for far too long.. pity.

There is a shortage of love and joy right now, so if you are a ‘taker’.. think about ‘giving’. Guarding all your feelings and hoarding your thoughts, not participating in life, makes us all poorer. The richness of our lives is dependent on interactions with others and our world around us. This is not just our very own little world .. everyone on earth lives here!

Actually.. I think maybe we all need to be ‘givers’.. what is the worst that could happen?

Anyway that’s what was keeping this old hag in bed this morning.. the circle of life keeps me entertained..





2 thoughts on “Weeding the garden of my discontent..

  1. I too, am working in this.
    In my current bubble, there’s a taker I have allowed too much freedom.
    It DOES breed contempt, as there’s a 2 week self imposed exile about to come their way.
    I don’t think people WANT to take too much.
    Our giver nature allows them the wiggle room and only boundaries with intention fixes it.
    All I know is no lesson is invaluable ✌

    1. ahhhhh .. you are ‘getting it’, if you have an unlimited supply of joy in your life then by all means let em ‘have at it’! Most of us don’t and some barely get by, recognizing this is everything and its not easy but.. cut em loose. They will find other givers to fill their needs. There is that saying “the truth shall set you free”, you can actually feel the weight being lifted.. just sayin. Now take a deep breath.. ahhhhhh : )

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