Love bird story .. a cautionary tail

Once upon a time in birdland, where lovebirds existed in great numbers, there lived two forelorn lovebirds that weren’t getting any.. love that is. imagesV2ATEFD5Boy Lovebird had his own nest, but Boy Lovebirds nest was very cold and had no eggs. His mate refused to cuddle up and coo with him, he was chilled to the bone….

Elsewhere in Birdland.. a Girl Lovebird had laid all her eggs in her nest but it was very crowded and smelly because her mate kept shitting in it. She tried keeping it clean and warm and inviting but he was not interested in his own nest. Her mate coveted other nests while filling his own with so much crap there was barely room for her eggs.

images (10)Her mate was not a happy bird and was constantly chirping about his grievances.. some say he should have been born a mocking bird….

Meantime the forlorn Boy Lovebirds nest was becoming increasingly colder and he was having visions of flying farther south for a spell, just to feel some warmth. In flight one day he spotted an old nest far from home and made a soft landing in it and decided to rest and practice his chirping.

Around this same time Girl Lovebird was out flying around feeling very despondent about her life. She wondered about the irony of being born a lovebird when there was never any love in her nest, just crap and unhappiness.

Being at her wits end she made the decision to take a flying leap (that’s birdtalk for ending it all).. when in the distance she heard a forlorn chirping coming from an old abandoned nest and decided to investigate.12384010-valentines-day-lovebirds-pair-sitting-on-tree-branch-chirping-illustration

There was Boy Lovebird, cold and alone.. he invited Girl Lovebird into that old nest. Girl Lovebird was so happy to have someone being nice to her..  she cuddled up to him right away. Boy Lovebird was so happy to be warm again he made loud cooing noises. Together they made such beautiful music, they each felt such love and tenderness..

Alas real life intervened and eventually each had to fly back to their own nests. Girl Lovebird made the decision that she was not going to put up with her mates shit any longer. She kicked out her mate along with all his crap. She was now ‘free as a bird’  and was so happy and radiant you could be forgiven for mistaking her for the blue bird of happiness.. ya I know, corny, but its my story…

Boy Lovebird couldn’t get Girl Lovebird and the warmth she generated out of his mind. He had to sneak away and find her again. He really needed her warmth and his cooing was so intense when he was with her, he needed to feel that way again.images9O7DCVUF

Well these two wayward lovebirds found each other again and would meet every so often in abandoned nests and make such beautiful music with their cooing sounds that people would stop and listen.8635573-illustration-of-lovebirds-sheltering-from-the-rain

Girl Lovebird was so happy she wanted to start a new nest (her chicks had already flew the coop.. so to speak) with Boy Lovebird. But life is not a fairytale and Boy Lovebird still had a mate in his own nest and couldn’t think of leaving just because he was cold and lonely.

Turns out the coldness was a result of his early partying years, when he neglected to feather his own nest. His mate refused to coo with him because of this. Even though he had changed his ways long ago.. some birds never forget.images (8)

Girl Lovebird was so sad, she thought her cooing days were over. Being a reborn love bird though, she shook herself off and realized that the sky was her limit! She decided to reach out and soar with the eagles! MOST IMPORTANT she would never let anyone shit in her nest again. EVER!.



The moral of this story..

Don’t put all your eggs in one nest.. hold a few back, you never know when you may have to feather another nest.

Or if you allow someone to constantly shit on you, you are bound to live a crappy life.


copyright February 19th 2019