Vote out the bullshit, my personal view

VOTE OUT THE BULLSHIT (my personal view)

I lost a handful of FB friends today and so be it. I’m tired of being relatively quiet and not too vocal about the clown down south running his country into the ground, ooops.. my outside voice! I may have no morals (well I do have some) but I think a leader of a country should definitely have them. At least I am honest and that’s another dilemma for politicians. I think they all learn ‘double-speak’ when they take office, because all of a sudden you ask a question and never seem get a direct answer. But outright lies should not be tolerated, when they spew forth daily from the WH and in presidential tweets.. shouldn’t there be consequences?

We are living in dangerous times, as is the whole world. This pandemic is going to decimate us for sure and maybe we will never be free from it? What if something else comes to take its place? We need leaders that will lead our countries and keep us safe, we also need to pay attention to those countries surrounding us. They are a part of our continent and we need to be allies in this fight for our lives. I watched the presidential debate last night and it was an eye opener for sure. I don’t know why I expected more, this president has never given us reason to expect more from him. He has always showed us less and less of what he is willing to do for his country. Biden suggested he come out of the bunker and out of his golf cart or something like that and get back to work at the WH, he was not totally wrong.

“Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your president.. ” I know, funny eh?You’re welcome :  ) My concern is for the safety of the American people, as well as ourselves, that virus is not going to kill itself. If the Donald’s lies could kill it, then it would  be dead 100 times over already, but instead it is proliferating at an alarming rate, just like his lying. Sure I have never been a fan of the Donald but who could have predicted the mess he has made of democracy, he was actually impeached and got off scott free! His red MAGA hat should have read MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN, because that is what has happened, who could have seen that coming? Why do I care you may wonder? Well there is a saying that I think is true, where America goes.. so does the rest of the world. We are on a precipice of a dangerous kind here. When he loses, and I’m making the prediction here that he will, he apparently will be in debt up to his eyeballs. Do we need to worry about who is going to bail him out and why? I’ll let you think about that.

Back to losing friends on FB. I needed to take a stand, for my own peace of mind and the wellbeing of my kids. I consider myself an informed individual and fairly intelligent. I have watched what’s happening in the states with much more interest than most, mainly because I live there part time, I also have so many American friends. I am against racism and for immigration, we are all immigrants here. I consider myself an honest and good person, I so want world peace for all of us and especially my children and their children. I have posted my views before but it is much more important now, more than ever, for all of us to take a stand against evil. Yes I consider the man running the country to the south of us as evil. We need leaders that we can look up to, not roll in the mud with them.

To all of you making excuses for his poor behavior and his childish ways, do you also put up with this from your own children? Would you like your children to emulate his behaviors? Do you believe all his lying is harmless? Do you want your sons to be like him? Do you think it’s ok if he smirks and says he’d like to sleep with your beautiful daughters? Do you believe he is capable, and should be in charge of a nuclear weapon button? Do you seriously believe he is uniting your country or is he dividing it? Do you think he has empathy for anyone else but himself and his own family? If you are still feeding into his lies then maybe you could also hire his tax accountant, then everyone can get a free ride. With no money coming in to run the country maybe Russia will come do a bail out, Putin is not so bad, right?

If you believe the bullshit spewing forth from his mouth and think his actions on the world stage on Tuesday night are acceptable, then go ahead and vote for him. The rest of us deserve better and I am doing my part to shine a light on evil. May God have mercy on his soul. As I mentioned before, I  am speaking out because I want a better world for my children and my children’s children. We should all want that.

ps.. this is my post on my page and if you are a supporter of him and have something to say, put it on your own page.