Wash your hands .. mom is always right!

The waitress coughed into her elbow after delivering my breakfast. Normally I wouldn’t think twice about this, but this time is different. I was glad she coughed into her elbow but then again, my active brain that never rests, went into all the obvious scenarios that cough could mean. This corona virus is lurking in my sub-conscious.

We are all rational people on the outside, but take a peek into our brains and some of us are full of what ifs? The very first thing I am thankful for is that I don’t have to fly anywhere, and that is a given! I hate flying anyway and just this morning someone on a morning show suggested not eating food served on planes.. he was giving tips on being safe.

Washing my hands way more often is now my norm, or I could stay home. Staying home is not even an option for me but eating out is giving me second thoughts. Unfortunately I now fall into that category of old people, call us youthful seniors or gracefully aging, but truth is we are now officially old.. period.

I am still forever young in my mind and I have even replaced an aging Tom Selleck (sorry Tom) with a more youthful certain someone from Portugal, as my imaginary you know what, in my you know where.. loll. My age is not a deterrent from anything I want to do, well skateboarding never interested me anyway.

This corona virus is going to put a serious dent in how we live our lives and I think the consequences are going to live on, long after we are dead. It all boils down to what our moms instilled in us “DID YOU WASH YOUR HANDS?” Now who knew that was going to save the world? Certainly not mom, or me for that matter.

My belief has always been that we are going to screw up the planet with our wasteful ways and our lazy attitudes on climate change. We have had viruses before this one, but momma couldn’t have predicted the consequences of a Chinese bug effectively shutting down the world.

I’m sure I’m getting ahead of myself here, but dam.. if I was worried about that waitress coughing into her elbow, then others must be worried as well. Sure enough.. there is Oprahs friend Gail, on that morning show and she is wondering how to keep safe on flights.. (bring your own food) flight attendants have caught the virus, and pick a window seat.

So breakfast out again has me thinking hmmm.. maybe not. We have a luncheon tomorrow at Famous Dave’s so I’ll save myself for that. We are just getting started on this virus here in America.. seemingly last up to the plate. I wonder how we are doing back home in Canada, my news from home is very limited.

Handshaking is on its way out, I wonder if eating out is next. Big events are being cancelled and that is only going to get worse before it calms down I think. The worst hit will be the travel industry and I wonder how that is going to play out. I love cruising (lord help those on cruises right now) and I love travel.. but have always hated air travel.

Before this bug even entered the picture, I have shared my views that everyone should wear masks on planes (no one listens to old people anyway.) That is why I hate air travel, I always get sick once off the plane. I wonder if that would have had an impact on how this spread so quickly? Hindsight is always better, eh.. wash your hands!

Being away from home has me somewhat anxious, but if I had to fly home that would have been ten times worse. I am planning a round-about way home in my own car, to visit many of my catering friends in the food business. Will this virus interrupt those plans I wonder?

Trump says this virus is going to miraculously disappear.. do people even believe what he says anymore? If it does miraculously disappear then I’m sure it will be because we are all dead. We are all going to die anyway, so there’s that. Personally I haven’t got all my ducks in a row yet, but if I was a duck I could fly to Portugal and you know what.. lol

We all have fears and second guessing ourselves is only natural I think. We will weather this, well the young ones will, the rest of us old people will take our chances. Mother nature is weeding us out and we need to pay attention. Let’s take better care of our planet, quit wasting our lives, and the most important message of all.. listen to your mom!!!