Marking myself safe .. from the democrats and republicans

Well actually I am marking myself safe from the corona virus, that is dumb I know. The president of the United States of America says there is nothing to worry about and it will all miraculously disappear. My kids back home in Canada will be relieved I’m sure. No one will actually know the truth though, because the press has effectively been muzzled and does not have access to the CDC. (everything has to go through the VP Pence)

My winter respite is here, down south, in the land of the free. Well.. if you are an illegal Mexican immigrant child then you may not be so free, you are probably separated from your parents and locked up. If you are sick and have no health insurance, need a doctor or hospital care, well that is not free either. A four day stay in the hospital with a gall stone could cost you 80,000 dollars (true story). Americans have the highest cost of healthcare in the world.

If you are an immigrant.. then you may not feel as welcome as you once did. If you are living here and you are Muslim or gay you may not be feeling the love either. White supremacy is alive and well and thriving here in America. Racism is back with a vengeance, thank goodness I am white and speak English. (well Canadian English)

If you go to school in America you are not safe either, there are more mass school shootings here than anywhere else in the world. Everyone has a gun, supposedly to protect themselves. Does that make me feel safer here, not really, but I hate guns anyway so there’s that.

Americans are divided and viciously attacking each other, not for food or money or even property. They are bitterly fighting each other over two political parties, democrats and republicans. It matters not what the platform is.. if a democrat says white is white then a republican is obligated to reject it, same if it is reversed.

The political party is supreme here and common sense seems to mean nothing. The American people cannot even agree if the President is a crook or not. Most of the free world knows that he’s prone to lying and most of his cronies have all been indicted for lying as well. He is also geographically challenged, but then so am I.

That red ball cap should be changed to made America HATE again. Its true, sad but true, neighbors and friends are bitterly divided and all because of a president that feeds into dissention and quite frankly, seems to cause most of it. How crazy is that? He once said that he could walk down a street and shoot someone and get away with it. I believe that it could actually be true.

See.. I don’t care if you are a republican or a democrat, I do care that you are a good person.