Facebook jail.. let’s start a new group : )


It’s kinda ironic that I am being censored on Facebook or dare I say muzzled? I think someone didn’t like a post I wrote and effectively shut me down. Too bad this didn’t work for people who tweet all sorts of lies and bullshit. Some political figures can even get away with murder, or so they claim, but by all means .. eliminate my posts Facebook.

Just so everyone knows and is on the same page, I am a woman, a senior and I write about whatever I want. I don’t get paid for it, but if you have extra cash laying around I can give it a good home. Being retired is nice but my brain hasn’t figured out what retirement really is and neither have I.

My brain also keeps me grounded and living by my heart keeps me excited about my life. Sometimes they do battle like ‘why are you being so stupid over a man’ says my brain? Then my heart kicks in and says ‘ya.. but look at those piercing blue eyes of his’ or ‘he can actually string sentences together’ ya, it gets complicated.

So I like to write about whatever dilemma or situation that I need to figure out. I share these insights on here and some tell me I am looking into their lives, and what they are feeling, and this makes me feel normal. Which begs the question .. hmmm what is normal anyway, and if they are crazy, well I’m in good company. You all know who you are .. loll.

I’ve worked my whole life and I’m also an entrepreneur, so I’m never bored because I am always thinking up new shit. Which brings me back to this Facebook dilemma. Why are they even interested in my little blog I wonder? Well my ‘little blog’ contains over 400 blog posts, written over a few years. ALL my blogs are true btw, I just can’t make stuff up, and I don’t need too.

Adding humor to my posts gives me satisfaction, because I prefer to be happy.. period. I see it this way, when I wake up in the morning I can choose my mood. I choose happy because I don’t have a partner right now to rag on, you know how it goes.. make sure they’re unhappy, then you’re good to go :  )

Keeping up with what’s going on in the world is part of my routine of staying engaged with life. It is harder while I am down south for the winter in Arizona, everything is pretty much focused on this country and Trump of course. If I was techie savvy I could get Canadian news on my computer or my phone. Same if I wasn’t so old, I could find a cute techie savvy guy to help me.. wink, wink.

Now where was I.. hmmm. Oh right.. FACEBOOK, you suck and don’t make me have to leave you! I don’t understand Tik Tok, and I have a problem with my passwords for instagram and twitter. Passwords were invented for people that can remember them. Maybe we should stick with our age and birthdate and then add our favorite animal.. mines a giraffe and you’re welcome :  )

Facebook is now pushing us into groups, how about a kazoo FB group .. really Facebook? Well here is an idea, brilliant actually, I want to form a face book group for everyone that’s been in face book jail! What do you think about that? Oh right .. you take questions but you never respond, that’s not good business FB, just sayin…

Who of you is with me? Our FACEBOOK jail group will be a fun group. We will drink lots of wine and stay up all hours.. as long as I’m in bed by nine, oh.. and only two glasses of wine for me, I am a cheap drunk. We will air all our grievances and share our stories and invite cute old guys into our group. I can already feel your excitement or maybe that’s just mine.. hmmm.

Every single one of my blog posts has been wiped clean from my personal page and My Third Life Page and even my page that has my inventions on them, Invisa-Bib (which I haven’t put on the market.. long story). My pictures are still up thank goodness, but the stories are missing. All this was done ‘in the land of the free’ I’m not a happy camper, Facebook, just want you to know that.

I don’t want to join the kazoo group, but if they let me put up my blog posts.. I will. So here I am, blogging away for anyone to read, even if it is just for myself, so be it. I’m never mean and I always try to be respectful. I keep my posts free from cuss words, most of the time, and sex is definitely off the table. I eat on that table .. geez!

I joke about sleeping with Tom Selleck .. but Miguel from Portugal makes my heart beat faster. He was our guide on an amazing ICA culinary learning journey from Portugal to Morocco last September. I wrote many blogs with pictures and it was such a great trip, poof.. gone!

 ‘www. my – third life .ca’ is a link to my world and my life (most of you will know to put all that together with no spaces .. except Rudy.. loll)

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment if you want.