Assholes .. how to spot em

There is one in every family and it can vary from time to time as to who the obvious one is. If you don’t know who it is in your family then maybe it is time to look in the mirror. I have never been one myself (my mirror is cloaked with my own vanity) but I will attempt to deconstruct one for you, so we will be better able to spot one..

They tend to be very outgoing and sociable on the outside even self ingratiating and humble.. but it is all an act. Anyone that is too friendly sets my radar up. The friendlier they present is directly correlated to how big an asshole they are. Beware that really friendly likable person you just met.

I view it like this.. assholes are always on the hunt for new friends.. for obvious reasons, self-explanatory right? I tend to hold back somewhat when evaluating a new relationship .. unless I am sleeping with them. I will save that for another blog on good and bad judgment of which I am no expert, so skip reading that.

Some of us marry one.. (see blog on good and bad judgment.. oops haven’t written it yet!) This is not to say I married one ok? I have fond memories of good times.. and two beautiful children that bring me unlimited joy and grandchildren. At some point though in some marriages (not all) we end up bringing out the worst in each other and an asshole emerges. Thank god it wasn’t me.. see ‘mirror cloaked in vanity’.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that assholes don’t tend to think of themselves as such. This is all so obvious to the rest of us, especially when said asshole is into a tirade of some sort by a slight that was visited upon them. (imagined or one blown out of proportion)  Lord help us and the neighbor’s or anyone within earshot.. omg.. it is not pretty.

The more unfortunate scenario here is that we have to live with these people in our lives. The asshole doesn’t realize the obvious and the rest of us try not to point it out, or upset their personal apple cart filled with wisdom, brilliance and witty humour. They do lay in wait for their victims though.. and will blow up for a completely unrelated incident to what they are really upset about.. FACT!

Witty charming and humorous.. some are very vain. The one thing they all have in common is an eclectic memory full of mis-demeanors (real or imagined) visited upon them at one time or another. If you fail to acknowledge or pay homage to them, they are secretly deeply offended.. beware! They will never forget, and they will get you!

This being Black Friday and all..  I thought it appropriate to write about this. I would like to give you some hope and some light though.. if you live with an asshole in your life. KNOW THIS .. it is not about you, they are truly lacking something that we cannot give them. They tend to be needy individuals that have low self esteem.. and that is why they need constant approval and adoration from those around them.

My life is too short for assholes .. but no matter how much time we have left.. we all deserve peace and harmony in our lives.

ok.. onto my next blog.. good judgment versus bad judgment, maybe I’ll wait til Good Friday to write it?