Twitter this.. new zit cure.. revealed here

images7FHT16KW The zit that wouldn’t die.. you know the one? It shows up on your face just before the big date or the romantic liaison you planned. I swear that even thinking about the upcoming date produced that funny tingle on my lips. The precursor to the inevitable coldsore.

Zits and coldsores are both just nasty sometimess. Coldsores are more so and much harder to cover up, short of getting a tissue transplant. Coldsores make me crazy.. I wonder if they are caused by a hormonal imbalance or does the imbalance cause the skin breakouts and the crazy?images (67)

My daughter walks in with an obvious zit she is trying to hide..  I greet her with a “have you named your new addition yet?” and “do you plan on having offspring from it?” Ya .. I know, that is not nice but I am secretly so relieved that it is not on my face.. whew!

Some of us can’t even look at a coldsore and oh oh.. there is that tingle again.. and not the good one! Dam .. I think anyone with a coldsore should trumpet their arrival ahead of time so we don’t gaze upon them and that bloom growing on their face.. it’s only fair.

images (71)You would think that as we age these adolescent skin outbreaks would disappear.. ! Well I hate to be the one to burst that bubble, but fact is, not only are we aging, but the zits and coldsores look even worse on old skin.. oh yes, and it is not pretty!

The other exasperating fact is.. it is on your face.. literally! Not behind your ear and not inside your nose folds, uh uh.. it has taken up residence right on the tip of your nose! Even if you tried to camouflage it, people still stare at that horn you are so obviously growing and wonder where your broom is.images (72)

I have a couple brooms, not used for flying either.. make a crack about my zit and you may hear a different crack .. over your head! Age does not mellow you, it just makes you cranky. Having zits growing on my face and add crazy to cranky, and you may just rather poke needles in your eyes than visit this ‘nana’.

images (70)The zit growing in the middle of the forehead, however, can come in handy at Halloween. Glue a hair extension onto it and tell everyone it is your twin, born with you, but never fully developed .. you know the story. All other zits can be disguised as beauty marks, make sure they’re not oozing whitecaps though.

Do you know how many different ways there are  to get rid of zits.. well do you? The latest cure I just read today on Facebook.. here it is folks.. rub an onion skin on it. hmmmm.. Now lets just stop think that one over.. just a bit.images (10)

You are old.. well ok, so I am old.. cranky and a little bit crazy (hormones?), this zit is growing at an alarming rate. I grab an onion, skin it and rub it on my zit, my eyes are stinging and I start to cry and now my eyes are all red, I’m in pain, hurting and can barely see anything … get me my broom NOW!

images7KCXBGQHI just want to FREAKIN hit something .. as I fly off to visit my kids.. “here I come my lovelies…”

There you have it .. the latest cure for zits.. ‘an onion skin’. Try it at your own risk.