Twenty three years and counting

Twenty Three Years and counting ..

Today is a great day for women everywhere. Wiener exposing rapist, Harvey Weinstein, winds up in a place where his wiener will get all the attention it deserves. There’s a good probability he’ll get all the unwanted sexual attention he bestowed on others, bestowed on him! Karma is a bitch..

I’m sorry if I offend anyone, this is personal to me and I care very much! Cosby and Weinstein are behind bars, the other one is dead. To be honest I was unsure if he would be jailed.. so many have gone free. We need high profile cases like this to shine a light on what we women and girls face every day of our lives, only because we are female.

Every single man that has raped a woman has got to be paying attention! So let’s keep the momentum going and maybe this will be a great way to curb all this consensual BS. If you’ve raped a woman you know it, if you’ve been raped, you bear the scars in silence and shame. This needs to stop, hopefully in my lifetime, what’s left of it.

We all need to take up the torch, especially the good men that I know are out there. I want my granddaughters to have no fear, sexual harassment needs to be forever gone. My wish is for them to feel safe and secure in their own bodies as they venture forth to make their mark on the world.

That’s all I want..