Made in Canada.. marking myself safe so far from the covid 19

MADE IN CANADA .. EH? Marking myself safe so far ..

Made in Canada eh? Well its time to tackle the socialist name-tag that I am picking up here in the states. Seems socialist has a bad connotation attached to it, beats me as to why. Apparently it has something to do with our free health care, which I take for granted actually. I can’t even imagine having to pay to go see a doctor, really?

Its hard for me to figure out why so many are opposed to free healthcare here? Most every country in the world has it including China and Cuba and even the UK. If a country has free services for the people that live there are they then socialists? I do understand dictatorships and communism and democracy.. in Canada we have a democracy.

Is it because we don’t pay for healthcare that we are socialists? Our pharmaceuticals are also reasonable and controlled costs keep it within reach of all of us. Does that make us socialists? We also have reasonable rates for car insurance and other services that we depend on. I’m trying to figure out the bad part here?

I have to address the long waiting times for all of my American friends that think we die waiting for a MEDICAL  SURGERY. I have friends here that also wait for services. Some even have to travel back to their winter homes because their medical coverage will not cover them out of state. Hmmm

In Canada when we are sick and need medical attention we get it.. no lines. When we need to see a doctor, same thing. If we need tests or an operation or emergency surgery, we get it. Actually everyone in Canada gets it, and if you are visiting me don’t worry we will look after you and not let you die, nor will we bankrupt you.

Now I want to tackle something that is happening right now in our world in real time. We have a virus that is out of control and going rogue. This virus is shutting down countries and before it is over I think it is going to change everything about the way we live.

I can only speak to what I know personally ok? This is for my American friends that turn their noses down at our ‘socialist’ healthcare in Canada. This is an example of the differences between a Canadian and an American, seeking help right now, for this fast acting virus that is exploding into our world.

I’m not going to argue with anyone that reads this and wants to use examples from the past, or horror stories you’ve heard about from a friend of a friend. I have heard the same from yours as well. Let’s stick to today, the here and now.

A friend of mine from back home, drives a truck hauling stuff provincially and into other provinces as well. He came back from a three day haul and had flu-like symptoms. He called his Dr. for an appointment, upon hearing the symptoms his doctor advised him to go immediately to emergency and upon entering to ask them for a mask.

He was taken in and given a test, which is a long swab up the back of your throat into your sinuses and brain (I’m sorry but that is how he described it). He was then advised to self quarantine until the test results came back. If his symptoms get worse he will be admitted to the hospital and appropriate measures will be taken.

An American friend has symptoms but has no health insurance, what to do? Another one does have symptoms but cannot get access to a test. Another American got the test, but it was inconclusive, that was here in El Centro. In actuality there are thousands of Americans that don’t even have access to testing.

So here in America a lot of hospitals don’t even have the test kits. There is also questionable access to labs once you have the tests. I also was told the story of one person that did get the test and it eventually cost him $3,700.00 I am not making this up. (I cannot verify that story, but it was on the news that the test is 13oo.00 if the government doesn’t have national emergency measures in place.. )

The Americans have a dilemma I think. Those that don’t have health insurance are afraid to go to a doctor because of cost. And if they are sick and need care who is going to pay for it? We are talking American citizens btw, the illegals are even worse off.

So when some of you call my country socialist with a bit of disdain in your voice or sympathy.. well, I don’t get it. I like what we have and I really don’t understand a country that doesn’t have free health care.. so theres that. My time here is coming to an end, there is a lot of confusion here about this virus and I think I’ll feel safer at home.