Toes.. marijuana woes and what is your penis up to today?

Wow… you have beautiful eyelashes, I tell the pretty young girl giving me a pedicure. Well they are extensions she informs me and I wonder what I would look like with all those lashes? I decide with my wrinkles that they would look more like a family of spiders that got caught in a web, on my face. Ah well, I have other attributes.. hmmmm, lets see, well I’m sure it will come to me eventually.

Her name is the same as the colour of the dress I am wearing, with an E on the end.. Teale. She is newly minted from esthetician school and the luck of the draw has her doing my pedicure, while the two other experienced gals get my daughters. I will try not to make her sorry she got the old lady that doesn’t shut up, and pry’s into her life.. and I’ll also try not to make her ears bleed.
My Mothers day gift is this all girls pedicure event, after a delightful supper overlooking The Legends golf course in Warman. In my pedicure chair in The Dahlia Salon and spa in Martensville we are sipping wine (our own which the girls brought) and enjoying being pampered in our own private room.
The girls doing our pedicures are very friendly and one of them, Dana, is a massage therapist and I suggest to Teale to look over at her and copy the massage moves she is giving my daughter. Well it is like this.. being over sixty, I am just brimming with unsolicited advice and wisdom (I just blurt stuff out.. sorry Teale).
 Actually I don’t know everything, and I ask if anyone knows where I can get a marijuana seed. Well honestly, you would think I just asked if anyone knew how to rob a bank.. geeze! It is not like I am going to smoke it for crying out loud.. I quit smoking nine years ago!!

I just want one seed or two to grow one plant! I would maybe just use it to bake a few cookies or something as an experiment. Yes, I was a child from the seventies and did try it once but it was a non-event and now I am a little curious.

Well these girls are reading me the riot act and are going on and on and I am doing my best to not do the rolly eyes, I insist they must know where to get one lousy seed!! Then one of them says “well if you get caught with it (I don’t plan on dealing drugs for gods sakes!) you will have a criminal record… and won’t be able to go across the border!”

This immediately gets my attention.. ah well, it is not like I was that serious about it anyway. It was just a casual conversation with a friend of mine, and we were discussing the merits of different relaxation techniques to relieve stress and aid sleeping. Guess the prescription hard core drugs will have to suffice, sigh.. it was only one lousy seed!
A little footnote here:
I wrote this over five years ago. Marijuana is now legal and who knew that would happen? Have I tried the various forms it comes in.. well no I haven’t. I have no immediate plans to imbibe, my drug of choice is alcohol once in awhile. My highs come from living my life my own way and my lows come from the same thing..
I would not hesitate to use marijuana in its many forms if I was in need of it for any reason. These are choices we can make for ourselves without the fear of getting in trouble with law enforcement agencies.
A more troubling form of enforcement brewing in the country directly south of us.. is our reproductive rights. That is something worth fighting for. We are in charge of our own bodies.. good grief, are we really going to have to fight this fight again?
MEN are the cause of every single pregnancy! We should insist ALL MEN when they come of age, have a vasectomy (which is reversible) go on a birth control pill for men, or make condoms mandatory! Why don’t we legislate this for all men that so obviously go around causing unwanted pregnancies..
Let’s legislate control over male penises and mens reproductive organs.. who’s up for it? .. sorry/notsorry

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