I have done it.. lived it, screwed it up and owned up to it

I don’t get scared much anymore (the spider kind of scared, still happens) disappointed, yes sometimes. As we put the years behind us we look ahead to new life changes. I totally get it, you think we are old and clueless, I thought that too about older people, in a much younger life.

Being from a different generation only makes me wiser. You may think you have it all, but us older gals are the ones that paid for it. You look at us and think we are of no consequence because we are old, but look again. You are me, only younger, and I’m sorry, but you are going to make a lot of mistakes getting to my age and you (god willing) will get old too.

Saving you from those mistakes would be nice, but you aren’t going to listen anyway. That guy you’re dating is not right for you, the way he treats you sometimes, only makes you try harder to make him love you. Lordy, lordy, I should know. Why do some still let men define us anyway, it makes me think we haven’t come as far as we think we have.

Most mornings while exercising in the pool in my condo, I focus on my days agenda. So yes, I do work out and yes I do have a life. Most older people do, and it does not revolve around petty, freaking inane shit, look it up. Well maybe sometimes..

I remember being young and I can still remember the important stuff, oh crap, I forgot to take my pill again, damn. Ok I am back, it wouldn’t do to get pregnant at my age, so never have unprotected occasional sex.. ok? Yes Virginia, we do have sex at our age and guess what? THAT NEVER GETS OLD! In fact, I’m here to tell you it just gets better.

Geez, I got side-tracked again. When I was married I never thought about sex like I do now. Doing the deed, he gets satisfied and I am left wanting, happened more often than I care to admit. Can you relate to this I wonder, or have times changed? Times sure changed for me, in my sixties, so you have that to look forward to, just sayin.

Well this whole darn blog is getting sidetracked already, I didn’t start out to talk about sex. Disrespecting us older gals, was more on my mind. Ah well, I am here now, so let’s talk shall we? Being brought up a strict catholic girl made me a sinner before I even did the deed. Lord save me, but helping myself was so forbidden and so exciting, why was it a sin I wondered, again and again and yet.. again?

The sexual part of our lives gets intertwined with an eventual life partner. Before that it is all confusing I think, maybe just for us females though? Men can get it on and get it off, and how easy is that? I think it is harder (no pun intended) to adjust our own sexual wants to what a mans expectations are. BUT do they really have any, or do they just want to get it off! If you are laughing, thanks but read on my friend.

Those of you that aren’t laughing, I envy you. You may have a true loving relationship with a good man, and I happen to think that is rare. I’m not bitter (well maybe just a bit) I didn’t know about lovemaking and intimacy and a lot of life’s little important stuff, until I decided to take back my life, after age sixty.

I would be the first one to tell you the bed part was fine, in the marriage, but not the stuff that builds and binds a true loving relationship. I’m not going to go deep here, suffice to say, there is kissing and holding hands and intimacy of a different sort, and the all important respect. This is a two way deal for sure, but if it is not reciprocated or even acknowledged then it is TIME TO MOVE ON.

X-rated warning here, you can take the girl out of the church but its hard to get the catholic upbringing out of my head. Finding my way, after leaving a 40 year marriage, is still ongoing. Lord, if I could save even just one of you from wasting your sincere effort and precious years even, this blog will have done its job. If we are not respected in our personal relationships, demand better, we are soooo worth it!

Sexually, get a dildo, it is in it for the long haul, and it comes in handy when you get tired of using your hands, that was a good one, eh? I had one in the marriage (bought together) most marrieds do lol. When I ventured back into the single life, it kept the wolf away, literally.

I’m not going to lie, a vibrating dildo does kind of screw up the real thing (when that happens along) but not for long. I think it is the vibrator part, hard for the real thing to compete :  ) Also on another note, men that watch a lot of porn, will find it hard to get it up for a real live person. (unfortunately we are not all porn stars and men are not all dildos)

You can find out a lot about your sexuality using a dildo, taking time and experimenting and really, just enjoy the ride.. oops. This should be all about you (well maybe Tom Selleck made a cameo or two.. or three) but I digress, its not really a sin you know, so why do I want to say mea culpa?

A lover, a friend and a life partner is rare to find, all in one man. I stumbled upon one that fit two outta the three. The life partner was not in the stars for us. This man respected me in every way for the amazing woman that I am and that was enough.

Look at this, I started out writing about respect for us older females and I came full circle, didn’t I? We are truly worth more than you can even know. So listen up you young ones, we have done it, lived it, screwed it up and owned up to it, we have also learned from it and much, much more..

But you won’t listen..

The end..

“I am living my best life”