Summers at the lake.. a thing of the past?

An UN-SASKA-tutional BYLAW

Summers at the lake, my favorite times were spent there. With my parents and grandparents.. then my own children and grandchildren. It is an institution, even if we only get one day of summer, we enjoy it dammit! We grew up with all our relatives surrounding us all, lakeside, where we congregated on long week-ends.

Did we all have cabins with indoor plumbing and running water? Hell no.. I only recently (10 years ago) got indoor plumbing. We had tents and trailers and still do actually, RVs have ‘come a long way baby!’ RV living is not roughing it by any means, especially with four and five ‘pop out’ rooms.

We have RV space available for those who decide to come for a week-end.. no problem. The grandchildren even come and set up tents with their friends.. and I surely enjoy the fun times hollering at them to keep the noise to a minimum. Visions of my own mother yelling at us to “go to bed” already, is just like yesterday in my mind.

There is enough room on my lot for a couple RVs and that is perfect for keeping my family together on these important summer outings. This new law banning trailers and RVs on lakeside properties is incomprehensible! Every single person that had a hand in drawing up this discriminatory by-law should hang their heads in SHAME!