Freedom .. our life would suck without it

I was recently asked of all the countries I’ve visited, which did I like the best? Well the warm ocean places certainly get my vote, you can’t wear flip flops in minus 40 in Saskatchewan. Wearing a thong is also out, as it should be at my age! Even MY eyes are bleeding at that picture, sorry kids.

I just thought this was so cute.. now where was I?

My winter get-away was cut short this year and I missed the warm sunny skies of down south. Funny thing though, as I dress up to go outside, looking like a ‘yard ape’ I am strangely warm and cozy inside. We know how to dress for winter, warming up our cars, bracing for the wind-chill getting out to them and then out of them  again .. and this is only the first week of May!

Our weather determines our activities and our free time pleasures. I’ve done the skiing thing.. Jasper and Banff and even Jackson Hole Wyoming. Same with the snow mobiles, our kids grew up on em and entered snowmobile rallies with us. We froze our asses off, drank peach schnapps on the trails, and basically convinced ourselves that this was nirvana.

The winters became exciting because we got to buy bigger and better sleds (not skidoos .. and we definitely didn’t call it skidooing.. that is sooo lame). Whoever has the fastest sled wins (mine was an Artic Cat) and so it went. Don’t get me wrong, it was all fun and exciting, until someone loses a weiner (I have to lose that phrase.. but I love it so much) or gets hurt.

We did get hurt and we did freeze body parts and we also got lost and ran out of gas and .. and.. ya we even got drunk! I know.. but we were young and stupid. Some of us are not so young anymore, but still stupid.. it happens. Some of us still dream of snow and wish for it.. not me though, I have other things I wish for, in my warm cozy bed at night..

What we did in our younger years for fun and excitement, sends chills through me now. I only drove so fast so I could keep up with the pack and not get left behind or worse yet. lost. I drank the peach schnapps because I was freaking freezing (so ok.. it tasted pretty good too). The thing is, the weather does not interfere with our fun, but rather it gives us options.

My option now is to never spend another freezing cold winter here.. period! Fate though, has a way of intervening into what we want as apposed to what reality unfolds for us. As I age, my time here gets shorter but is not a factor in how I live my life. I know it should be, but I don’t want to live my life thinking about an expiry date.

Lord knows we are all going to expire, some hopefully sooner than others.. oh geez my outside voice again. I think the trick is to just live.. well its not a trick of course but more like an attitude. Having experienced a life threatening scare in a car accident, I well know my own mortality. I’m not afraid to die.. and I mean it, I’m more afraid of not living to my potential it seems.

Ignoring father time is more my style anyway. There is so much life and stuff and excitement in my future it would be a shame if I wasted it. So if I have to stay in the cold I will find a way to like it again, I just will. Someone to keep me warm would be nice but not at any cost.. freedom is my secret pleasure.

Back to the question posed to me by a couple from the Ukraine, they moved here six years ago. The people there are not so free and times are not so good. Sure they have cold weather too, but damn.. I can’t even imagine not living free. We are so fortunate here in Canada, we have so many choices available to us, not being free doesn’t even compute for me.

This couple moved here to be closer to their only daughter and grandkids. A new country, new language and leaving all their friends and everything behind. Wow.. that is courageous and not something I could easily do, unless it was for my kids. That my friends, is why I am living in the cold. I would also live in freezing cold to be free as well!

Freedom .. and my home and native land. The cold sucks but not being free would suck even more. I don’t care what political party is ruling, as long as they protect our freedoms. Protect us from being enslaved, keep us from war and having a dictator tell us how we can live our lives.. omg give me the cold any day, even in May..

The end.. brrrr