Steps .. for older people (its a thing you know)

Yep.. been there done that

Steps for older people .. it’s a thing you know..

So here I sit, in my office on the deck of my sons old cabin, lakeside and loving it. I will never get tired of this view and yes, I am truly grateful for my life. This virus will have to find me here, but I am not taunting it. This morning I want to talk about something that’s making¬† me a little crazy, as I was getting my office ready to finish a blog about choices.

There is a sun room here with a few amenities (this was my sons party room complete with fridge and BBQ). I keep stuff in the sunroom, like a toaster and kettle and coffee stuff, a few breakfast things in the fridge. NO BOOZE though. well.. maybe some wine, a little tequila maybe, a few beer for ‘company’?

I arranged my table/desk on the deck and brought out my computer, took my pills (birth control, yiou can never be too careful : ), looked for my coffee contiga ‘mug’ and forgot to turn on the kettle. So I turn on the kettle (or so I thought) I make the worst coffee, and now I just settle for instant and go look for the spoon to dig out the instant.

I have to go inside to the cabin to get a spoon, knife for butter and sharp knife to cut some tomatoes, I love toast with sliced tomatoes for breakfast. I wonder why the kettle isn’t boiling on my way back only to discover I forgot to turn it on again as I went inside to find a spoon.. damn! I mean how many times and trips do I have to make to get my shit together? This is not rocket science but omg.. I have now gone back and forth for my glasses and charging cords and binoculars, seems like a dozen times, and I still don’t have my large 20x mirror and tweezers out there yet.

It occurs to me that this is an age thing, I should have turned on the kettle before going in search of a spoon and grabbing my glasses in the main cabin. BUT NO each single action requires thoughtful retrospection, hmmm what did I come in here for, oh right a spoon! My younger self would have also picked up the mug, my glasses and my phone while I was in there. Wth.. why can’t I just figure this all out, it is annoying as hell.

While writing this, the toast and tomatoes were calling my name. I need another coffee anyway, and I go in and put the kettle on. I go in search of the tomatoes I bought while grocery shopping on my way back up here.. This is another bugaboo on my ‘oh shit’ list, a few groceries is always 60 to a 120 bucks, what is with that????? I went home to my condo in the city for a ¬†brief respite and I also needed to wash clothes. The brief respite turned into a three day mini stayvacation, I had forgotten how comfy my bed was, even with out a man in it… lol.

Once again I digress.. so I take the tomatoes to the sunroom lunch counter and slice a couple. I then look for the spoon so I can put a little sugar in my coffee, the water is boiling. I KNOW I brought a spoon back because I’m already one coffee in!!! Just when I’m starting to think I am losing it, I spy it.. yassssss, it is peeking out of the top in my contiga mug. I am so happy I’m not even going to berate myself for the other times I have done this exact same thing.. this is a new day and a new start!

I plug in the toaster and make my two open faced sliced tomatoes on toast. Colour me contented as I carry my plate out to my deck/desk. I enjoy one slice then go for a sip of my coffee. Well maybe one of you seen this coming but I sure didn’t. It’s not like I didn’t have the hand-power to bring my coffee out with me, along with the toast. I have two perfectly good hands attached to two perfectly good arms.. except when reaching for something. So back I go for my coffee.

I wish I was making all this shit up but I’m not. Sometimes I put the kettle on and push down that thingy to brown my bread. (I said this to my gf twenty years ago “you know that thing you put your bread in to make it brown”) (true story, and I was young then!) Well I always break a breaker when I do this, but does that that stop me from doing it? Hell no.. that was yesterday, well ok a week ago, but it still irritates me no end when I forget and do it yet again.

Every story has a silver lining.. pun intended. The steps you take today? Save them for tomorrow when you are really going to need them.. just sayin..