Special .. what makes you so..?

imagesQ04SM128It turns out I am a hugger.. and I will tell you I love you, should you be an important person in my life. Don’t shy away, just accept it and maybe learn to hug and say I love you too.. we all need more hugs and love .. trust me. I was not always this way, circumstance made this journey a difficult one for me.

My life is full of people that have wandered into it and touched me in many different ways. My grade five teacher, Mr. Sweet in New Westminster, Lulu Island BC. is one. He saved my ass from being bullied by the mean girls. He was my hero and still is, I wonder if he knew what a difference he made in my life back then?imagesHRH66VL8

I was small for my age playing a parrot in a class play because I was the only one that would fit under the chair (cage). How is it after all these years I have never forgotten that? The Bully was Carol Graff and she was always trying to get me in trouble. Mr. Sweet called all of us into his office and by the time he was finished they were all in tears except for Carol .. she was scared.. and that took the scared out of me.

Then there was that comment a friend of my dads made to me when I was about 12 yrs old. She looked at me and said I had the most beautiful clear complexion she had ever seen, and she wished she could have my ‘skin’. I have long forgotten her name but I never forgot that she thought I was pretty and I had never felt particularly pretty until that moment.smile

There was Tom Loran.. we called him sir, my grade seven and eight teacher in Saskatoon Sk.. He believed I was smart and he made me believe it, he challenged me to be better. I will never forget him and I wonder if he knows how special he made me feel.. I never felt stupid in school again thanks to him.

images (98)Pat Hassel from Marvel beauty school.. she recognized my talent and my ‘calling’ for doing hair and let me cut my hours so I could hold a job (to support myself) and attend classes as well. She also broke a few rules on my behalf and I wonder if she knew how much that meant to me? She gave me confidence as a hairstylist, I will never forget her

Its a tough world out there and we need people in our life that help us feel special and give us strength. Sometimes the people we choose are not right for us.. but how do we know until it is too late? I think toxic relationships will eventually kill us (health wise) if we stay in them.. a slow and unhappy death for sure.images (97)

Some are blinded by love, others crippled by circumstance.. and some cannot change the truly tough situations. We find strength somewhere, if not in ourselves then maybe a friend or sometimes even God. This is where a hug, a compliment, encouragement from a friend or a complete stranger has the power to lift and give hope.

positive-quotes-good-sayings-deepIt cost nothing and why not be more giving of praise and compliments to those around us. What if something you said could give strength to someone that is desperately in need of a bright spot in their life right now.

Going out of my way to compliment or give praise when I see something special, only takes a moment. It’s nice to have someone in our life rooting for us even if that someone is ourselves. A little guidance through low points or confusing dilemma’s or even just someone pointing us the direction we were meant to take. Be that person for someone.imagesCFCQJB62

We only have this life.. make it count! My most important lesson was not learned until after I turned sixty. Know when to let go.. staying in situations that drain our very life-force is toxic. Finding your way will not be easy.. but when you leave yourself open to what life has in store for you .. the universe steps in to help. You CAN change your life.

images (96)Remember what your parents used to say .. you are who you hang around with! Surround yourself with positive people .. do not let anyone disrespect you and be generous with your compliments, your energy and your love..

Give lots of hugs.. make sure those you care about know your love.  Please.. when something touches you or inspires you, stop and take a minute out of your life to acknowledge that ..

you.. and you, and you as well.. helped me along the way and made me feel so special..  its a feeling like no other .. and you are in my heart forever.