affairs of the heart .. and the world

untitled (43)My third life..  ahhh the final chapter.. is shaping up to be the most exciting so far. I relish each and every day, well sometimes it sucks.. and that happens once in awhile, that’s why it’s called life. Sickness and heart-ache require special coping skills.

My sixties are pretty much healthy, other than old age, but old age is not a health issue. I’m not any wiser about most things, just more tolerant I think. The male species continues to perplex me and sometimes I spend much too much time on trying to figure them out.imagesM9LBZP33

What if .. in the end, there was nothing to figure out.. what if all this time we have been channeling all our energy and thoughts into something that requires very little attention, eat.. sleep and pro-create (not necessarily in that order). na.. that’s not even possible.. is it?

I am reminded of my teenage years again. My ‘graduated’ teenaged grand daughter rooms with me and sometimes we have a lot in common. This is weird and crazy when it comes to dating. Sharing my love life makes her ears bleed and when she shares, I want to cover my ears .. well actually I do, and I hum as well so I can’t hear her.

imagesC9ABUKW0Information overload is a current new phenomena. We are bombarded with news that really does suck..! Most of it should be buried in a desolate hole someplace! Dig it out occasionally if you must, when you want to grovel in despair, but mostly leave it be. Coming off of a five month stay in my second home in Yuma Az. I now hate both presidential candidates!

Bill Clintons lovers apparently rival the amount of unprotected emails Hillary was sending, and don’t even get me started on Trumps ‘diarrhea of the mouth’, a highly contagious disease that can’t be flushed from any newscast.imagesE401JMW6

My god it was insane.. I am home now for going on two weeks and it is like they have fallen off the grid.. are they dead..  am I dead?  Since when did the UK opt out of the Euro.. now how the hell did that happen? How is it going to effect us and what about the rest of the European countries? It’s not that I really understand about all that stuff but.. dammit I want to know when this shit happens!

imagesBQHSQHA2What else did I miss while I was gone, will I be able to catch-up on world news? We elected a new prime minister before I left for my winter getaway and he apparently has captivated the worlds imagination.. and.. he has nice hair.

Most everyone likes him in the USA (where I have my winter home ) but some of these same people also hate their own president and call him a Muslim terrorist! Some  feel their country has gone to hell because of him. These same ones are probably voting for Trump, ah well.. like the saying goes, shit happens …images (47)

Please don’t send me hate mail .. my feeling are easily hurt. Keeping an open mind is not that easy and I like to get a’ hate’ on once in awhile myself.. but then I eat some ice cream and I am ok .. well, sometimes it takes the whole tub! Better to be fat and happy than hateful .. don’t you think?

imagesMQF1E10OMy Alberta cousins are not into the love affair with Trudeau .. but I voted for him, as did most of the rest of the country. What has he been up to I wonder? Is he making Alberta miserable because they didn’t vote liberal.. can I get some ‘weed’ now, if I smoked it? Has his wife finally got some help (the states have guidelines for politicians and hired help.. could maybe get advice from Trump on that).

Getting any news about Canada when I am down south of the border is next to impossible, and we are neighbors for crying out loud. Why is that I wonder.. we play nice together.. it is not like there is a big wall keeping us apart..hmmmmimages (94)

Now to be fair, the Fort Mac Fire drew the worlds attention but after two weeks in the states.. it waned.. Trumped by diarrhea dick once more. Did the town burn down, did the people make it back into their homes? (well yes they did finally.. but only just recently, 20% of the town was destroyed)

Now where was I.. ah well does it really matter? It is Sunday and raining.. my thoughts are rambling about. Trying to make sense of world affairs is hard enough for my little brain, I should stick to affairs of the heart.

images (31)My heart is aching to have one right now.. time to make myself another cup of coffee and check out the dating sites. Maybe I will go wake my grand daughter and discuss dating and men, making her ears bleed .. just a little..