Sold.. my lake-life in a garage sale

“Mom.. I need my trailer back, I can take all your lake stuff to the auction mart if you want.” That was my son, all my possessions from my cabin and my lake-life, lay pouting in his trailer. Why is it so hard to give up stuff that you no longer need, I wonder?

Parting with my shit should not be this difficult.. lord knows the money from selling it off, will not go moldy in my purse. My loonies and toonies don’t gather any moss either. It is still such a surprising delight, rooting around and desperately searching, then finding ten bucks in those lovely loose coins! TEN BUCKS!

I order a coffee and a toasted bagel with my newfound wealth, make it double toasted with cream cheese! Off I go to set up my garage sale at my cousins, she has an actual garage and I don’t. The auction mart was not getting my precious treasures. I need to make sure my stuff goes to good homes and will be lovingly cared for.. dammit!

My cousins home is well situated and has a huge double garage. The wide driveway and the cement patio leading to it and around it, get compliments from pretty much every guy that walks up on it. Some of the women also remark on its exquisiteness .. really? My garage sale precious treasures, take a back seat to their beautiful yard.

The cement contractor “Elite Construction” from Saskatoon.. should be sending us a check at the end of the season. My god they got a lot of mileage by the time we closed down on Sunday. I even wanted to order concrete from them, but living in a condo, I have nowhere to put it.

Oh yes.. and we even gave away a ton of crab-apples from her loaded tree. If you went away empty handed it was your own fault. “Excuse me .. we have garage sale stuff over here.” Her gorgeous yard, was cutting into my sale. No.. the pool is not for sale, geeze! So I finally start saying.. “the pool is 100 bucks and comes with a pump..” and you can buy it at Canadian Tire!

Some garage sale tips to keep in mind, if people driving by can spot you setting up.. they will come. They want to buy stuff you haven’t even set out yet, they want to beat everyone else behind them. My plan was to unload everything and go through what I wanted to keep. Before I knew it, my cleaning supplies, broom and dustpan were sold for a couple bucks! What the heck just happened there?

True I don’t like cleaning much but this was crazy. I even took stuff out of a couples hands saying “I am so sorry but these items priced at 25 cents are not for sale.. they are my private stock, food service items”.. geez! We’re talking stainless steel tongs and whisks and those great little spatulas, I hadn’t weeded them out yet.. sigh..

Some items were one of a kind.. like that print that I won as a door prize, it came out of the Bessborough Hotel. Our Castle on the river in Saskatoon. I finally sold it to a guy in the last hour of the sale, he collected ‘stuff’ unique to Saskatchewan. I threw in a package of invisa-notes, invented by a multi-talented Saskatoon gal. lol

That Sirius boombox speaker without the detachable radio, (the radio was stolen from my car in Vegas) it was a relic but cost a lot of money.. well I finally sold it while closing everything down. It went to a couple that bought it for their mother. She had ruined hers by leaving it out in the rain over a year ago, and she was still lamenting its loss. I only got 5 bucks but so much satisfaction, their mom was going to be thrilled!

So many dishes.. lord what did I need all those bowls for? Well it turns out we women.. ALL OF US.. have a secret love affair with bowls. This is a true fact, when I worked my stint at the army, a couple weeks ago, (Salvation Army thrift store.. my blog on this is coming: ) I seen a bowl I lusted for.  My hurty feet would not let me go back in and buy it when my shift was over. I can still see it.. and a quirky vase.. darn.

NOBODY wants light fixtures btw.. nope! EVERYBODY also has them in their garage sale, I had four and two were brand new.. go figure. My cousin sold them when I was out for a minute (I suspect she pretty much gave them away) but I don’t want to know, at least they are gone!

So my lake life is officially over and everything sold.. my daughter got my thousand dollar bed. I told her she got the best deal. The bed was free to her and the memories made on that bed (bought after the divorce) were some of my best… she is still considering if she should keep it or burn it … bahahahaha