Nana does Paris.. please send money

This picture has been on my bedroom wall for 7 years!

If you would have told me three weeks ago I would be going to Morocco and Portugal I would have rolled my eyes and said.. I wish. Fast forward and here I am, flying off to Lisbon next month AND I have thrown in a side trip to Paris France! I know this is crazy and since I don’t have a job anymore I must also be deranged as well.

What the heck possessed me and how the hell am I going to pay for this? I’m not totally destitute yet, but as I’ve said before on here .. the government doesn’t pay me enough to be old and travel too! Should I bring out my stripper clothes and look for work… hmmm, my stint at the thrift store (community service to pay off a speeding ticket) almost did me in. Besides at my age they would probably pay me to keep my clothes on.. ah well..

This is going to be a challenge.. the thing about me is I love a challenge. First off is to charge it to my credit card. That kinda hurt a bit.. with my working life I was able to finally pay them off. Second on my list was to get a short term demand loan from the bank, to pay off the credit card. (not getting sucked into those high rates again!)

I may have to sell one of my kids, if my demand loan matures, and I haven’t figured out a way to pay it. My trust in myself is totally .. hmmm, how do I put this.. bizarre, crazy, dumb/not dumb or sincere… aha! I think that maybe says it best. I sincerely hope I can pay this off before they take me away. Living this way is not for everyone :  )

You may be wondering why I do this to myself, I wonder that as well. The thing is, this trip popped up and I have never been to Morocco. My last big trip was over five years ago, that was to Australia. This is also not good timing, my Canadian money makes me pay 25% more, on top of what is already a ‘pricey’ trip for me.

So I am sitting here at my computer trying to figure out how I’m gonna do this. Do I really need a trip this badly? Well truth is I don’t, a road trip this fall was my original intentions and about a fifth of the cost. I have been saving Paris to explore with my soul mate, but he hasn’t found me yet. So what the heck was I thinking anyway?

Some one else asked me the same thing this morning. Figuring out the ‘why’.. has me struggling, but thinking it through I may have a theory. I’m sharing this cause I know at least one person reads my blog. The trip itself, although amazing, is only a part of it.

I certainly don’t remember trips I didn’t take .. right? Part of the excitement of any trip I’ve taken is the anticipation (although I didn’t recognize it as such) and then the actualization of meeting and making new friends. Every trip I take is an opportunity to meet new people from anywhere and everywhere in this world.. our world :  )

Even on my own, exploring different cultures and wandering out of my comfort zone (getting lost a lot) has found me making new friends. Reaching out with a simple smile and a greeting. “Hola.. banyo?” On my various travels I have found that we are all more alike than different.. AND we all seek a bathroom at some point.. just sayin.

Learn the lingo for words like bathroom or toilet or like in China .. for the hole in the cement floor, now that was entertaining. Please and thank you, hello and goodbye are always good words to learn in any language. The French I took in high school is definitely not going to help me in Paris one little bit, I have long forgotten that!

This I know for sure.. Paris is the city of love and I am stocking up on razors! I might meet my soul mate there and something on me better be smooth .. right?

O’u sont les toilettes?  Bonjour and Merci’ .. hmm so far so good.

Or  this.. “oh merde, ils viennent me chercher!!” Which translates to “oh crap, they are coming to take me away!”

The end..  please send money

What is stopping you from realizing your dreams?