slash and burn.. “I’m back”

SLASH AND BURN.. “I’m back”

I breathed a sigh of relief and sent up a silent thank you to that metaphysical being from above, you know the one, it sends us what we need when we need it. In my mailbox this morning another email from Yoga with Adriane, Final BREATH Email, I sure hope so.

Signing up for free yoga everyday, with Adriane sending me daily lessons to my inbox, were starting to get old. Since January first this has me with 31 lessons not acted upon. Now this final message from her this morning. I know it sounded ominous ‘Final Breath Email’ but Adriane and I finally shared a deep sigh of relief, we didn’t have to miss another lesson, whew…

A friend of mine said Adriane changed their life, but maybe I’m not ready for change? I attended a zoom meeting this week with a writers group from back east, this did bring about a change in me. The fog that I have been living in has been dissipating slowly. These weekly zoom meetings with my writers group have been on hold for awhile because frankly, they are somewhat stressful for me. Deciding to re-enter into this part of my life, nudged me into reading the three pieces we would be critiquing at this two hour meeting. Two of the pieces were from writers I really liked. I was particularly pleased with one of the writers submissions, I felt that she ‘nailed it’ and I was so happy for her.

How is it that we are all capable of giving others encouragement and joy but there are those few that prefer to slash and burn? Thank God they are a minority, but we must need them for a reason because they are among us. Slowly and surely from deep within me, an anger erupted clearing away the remaining fog from my brain. Listening to a ‘slash and burn’ critique of my friends submission, this anger catapulted me back into the drivers seat. Well .. I’m not really driving anywhere soon or flying, my flight south this week was cancelled due to travel restrictions from this damn virus. Never the less the slash and burn person unwittingly brought back my purpose, finding a hit man to rough him up some and break his mouth, hmmmm. I immediately followed up on this unnecessarily critical review with an HONEST, supportive and positive review of my own, refuting his.

This fire within me felt so good that I volunteered to present a piece of my own two weeks from now. I have no idea what the heck I am going to write about but hey, I’m back! I’m ready to go a round with ‘slash and burn.’ This also has me contemplating entering the CBC non-fiction story contest again. I say again because I didn’t win the first two times I entered, maybe third times a charm? The slash and burn people in our lives are the self righteous that feel superior to those around them. They dole out their misery because we let them, but also know this.. they have no joy in their lives. How do I know this I wonder? Hmmmm this is a good question and leads me to remembering the pieces this one, in particular, presented. They were exquisitely well written and similar in tone. Think of someone on LSD (a powerful hallucenogenics drug back in my day) describing their surreal imaginary surroundings, very little interaction with real people, gardens full of every descriptive species of flowers, butterflies, spiders weaving their webs of deception and death, dew drops hanging from the leaves of climbing vines, containing scenes of dolphins frolicking in the sea of life. Ouch, I think I just cut and burned myself, is that blood? mea culpa..

I think we all have ‘slash and burn’ people in our lives. Taking no prisoners they leave you feeling broken, damaged and wondering how to ‘fix’ yourself. If yours is a spouse or partner you need to hire someone to get rid of them. Warning.. they do not go easily because they are somewhat unhinged and detached from reality. If it is one of your relatives then just lock them in a closet until they come around. Some are in their thirties and forties and even older, that becomes a problem, just build a bigger closet. I hope you are all laughing at this, and if you aren’t, call me.. I know people :¬† )

This anger is a good thing, it kicks ass and complacently to the curb! Your house will almost clean itself as you furiously work your way through it. My focus becomes intense and all my other minor shit becomes obsolete. It cleanses my soul and when I finally get payback, it will be fcking glorious, trust me I know. SO..  here I am typing furiously while my house rots, but I am renewed and my brain is deliciously figuring out ways to get even. Lord thank you for these slash and burn people, forgive them because they know not what they sow ..

The End