What if?

What if?

What if all this craziness, with the lockdowns, isolation, shortages of sanitation and baking products (weird combo, right?) and the recent draconian travel bans is just a dress rehearsal for something worse coming our way? What if all our whining and complaining and sacrifices are just a warm-up for an even grimmer future yet to unfold? What if we find out we should have taken stock much sooner and counted our blessings? AND this, Mother Nature has tested us and we received a FAIL!

Maybe its time we take a breather and consider the ‘what ifs’.  Most are looking for life to return to normal.. but ‘what if’ this is the new normal?  Not too many will appreciate this thought except for us old timers. I for one don’t believe for a minute that everything will return to normal with the vaccines. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an optimist after all, but we need to look beyond today and tomorrow. We have been tested, literally, beyond what we ever could have imagined this past year. Has it only been a year, it feels like forever. We may need to take stock and prepare for an even uglier test of our fortitude. I hope I am wrong, but even as I write this, we are seeing mutations in this virus that are deeply disturbing.

Lets think about this for a minute, who among us could have predicted our lives controlled by a rogue virus just a short year ago? Worst case scenarios should be upfront and foremost in our minds, only then can we figure out our plans of action. But .. but, I feel this is our worst case scenario and what if it turns out to be our best? Are you following my drift?

Here in Canada we have it pretty good, even so we are whining about not getting the vaccine soon enough and some are really whining about not being able to travel south with the new travel ban. Ok so I am guilty as well wawwwww. Wow, can life get any worse? We have unemployment insurance and we have plans in place to help businesses and people with rent and food and debt forgiveness. We also have social programs to help those really in need. Sure we are all suffering, who isn’t?

Maybe we should consider that this could be the new normal? What if this virus mutates so fast we can’t keep up to it? What if we will someday look back at this place in time in our lives and wonder why we didn’t appreciate what we had? A roof over our heads and food on the table, and heat, as I write this the temps are plunging into the minus forties this weekend! I can’t function in those temps and I’m guessing neither can you. We need electricity and oil for heat, but what if this shutdown bankrupts our country and the money stops flowing? If we didn’t have to worry about -20 to -50 temps (yes -50) we could maybe have some hope. But my only hope right now is to wait this out and stay inside, and if I forgot to plug my car in I’m going to be really pissed.

When the money runs out will our hospitals shut down? They are government financed so why wouldn’t they? That would really suck. The roads deteriorate first and we are dying, hospitals are closed and what about food?

And that is the end of those thoughts! Whewwww.

I can’t even imagine what will happen if we don’t get rid of this plague, it is beyond my comprehension. What I do think is that we will be inventing ways to inter-act with each other and our communities/world. The least of it will be our mental health because we may be scrambling to keep ourselves fed and watered. Add shelter to that and we have a major undertaking especially where here it is -51 again this morning, with the wind-chill.

It is Superbowl day in Florida and there’s a football frenzy happening in the states. Back here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan we are freezing our butts off. I am attending my first Tupperware Party since I was first married, in the olden days. I am attending because it is my sisters party and her daughter has signed on to sell Tuperware. I also have a need to connect with my family “I’d sooner stick needles in my eyes than attend a Tupperware party” was my response to my girlfriend Retro Rad Chef Emily Ellyn, from the food network, when she sent me an invite a couple years ago. Now I am eating those words and regret my hasty response. I actually was thrilled this past summer to get a retro Tupperware salt and pepper shaker! You all know what I’m talking about.

Well welcome to my new world, I am getting dressed up for this virtual party, not just real clothes but actually like I’m going to a fancy dinner party clothes. I have invited my friend Emily and I hope she pops in for a few minutes at least. She has forgiven me and I attended a seafood party she threw awhile back. The party is in in Cold Lake, Alberta, home to the NATO air force base, and hopefully not as cold as it is here. I am looking forward to seeing everyone, isn’t Zoom and Facetime our salvation right now?

I’m also excited for another reason, I think I want a meat grinder. AND YES .. Tupperware has one! So before you all think I have lost it, let me explain. I like hamburger and I bought some on sale awhile back. All meat is dearly priced right now so I only buy on sale. Who knew hamburger could be more expensive than say an eye of round on sale? I bought this huge package of hamburger with help from a loan from my local credit union. I fried it up with spices and such then packaged it into ziplock bags and froze it.

These cooked hamburger bags in my freezer have been a blessing in disguise. I make lazy cabbage rolls in a flash, chili, spaghetti sauce, hamburger hash, hamburger soup and I’m excited to try different recipes. Hamburger is a comfort food and I need a lot of comfort right now. So yes, I want to make my own hamburger, I also want the good stuff if you know what I mean.

So this blog is about what I’m experiencing what I’m thinking and the things I am doing, ok so I’m not doing much but I plan too .. famous last words eh? I also want to mention here I have been face timing my youngest grandchild almost every day and its like the sun has come into my life. We don’t always see eye to eye and she throws me onto the floor sometimes or presses the red button, but omg.. it is life, and I am a part of it. It is our reason for being…