Skinny dipping in an outdoor shower

photo 3Do you ever have those days in your life when everything is perfect? All the stars align, nothing is pressing to get done and a good book is waiting to be read?  That time itself..  is not important and everything is in balance. You can just say hmmm.. don’t think I will do anything today, maybe I’ll just lay out on the deck with my book.

I had one of those days yesterday. For some reason I was feeling lazy and uninspired and .. well, I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything. There are things to do but nothing pressing and certainly nothing that can’t wait until another day.

Some people can’t relax and just do nothing. Some need a drink or two or three to slow down the brain activity and allow it to relax. Some need television and others need music or maybe sex…hmmm.. I like that! I am not one of those people (well the sex thing sounds good) I can relax and do nothing , no problem.

I think writing is my relaxation most days, but yesterday I decided I didn’t feel like writing or anything. I gave myself permission to lay out on the deck with a good book. How many of you get to do that? Having kids, you will never get one of those days, not until they are gone from the nest. Being married is like still having those kids.. well it is, just sayin.

I’m not saying you can’t have a perfect day if you have kids and are married. You can ship the kids off to Africa and the hubby to a hardware store or fishing or hunting or whatever it is that turns them on. Then you need to give yourself permission to just do nothing.. and that is where I shine!

Even so, you would think I have lots of days like that, being single again and kids are long gone. But truth is we may have lots of free time (I am retired for gods sake!) well ok, semi retired..  I still have irons in the fire.. well one for sure.

The thing is, sometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to do nothing..  like yesterday. I had good intentions of borrowing my cousins whipper snipper thingy (the weed whacker thing) and maybe cleaning out the firepit.

I also know that these are things that can wait.. ok so they have been waiting.. well it has been waiting longer than a week.. hmmm ah well, it is not high on my to-do list. I really want to build an outdoor wooden shower enclosure,  but that may have to wait until I get a man in my life.. see, some things you need a man for.

The shower thingy I may have to borrow someone else’s man, I don’t have any knocking down my door at the present time. I refuse to go back into the bar scene and is not looking good either (my money is safe from them.. for the time being anyway). I am learning to do man-stuff myself and it is pretty exhilarating I must say.

Who knew riding around on a lawn mower would be so much fun? Especially when it does wheelies! When I look out over that newly mowed piece of lawn I actually feel proud and want to have a beer.. I don’t even drink beer! I want to go and mow everyone’s grass..sick huh? (see my post and life jackets)

Ok.. now where was I.. ? oh, right, the perfect day. Yesterday was one of those days and I actually had a nap at noon! Yep.. my regular nap time is 3:00 pm but fate intervened and said ah.. I just feel like a nap. True I was reading a good book and that seems to happen a lot lately when I read a book.

The thing is I consciously said (in my head of course) I’m not talking out loud to myself..  yet..  I don’t have to do anything today!! AND I DIDN’T !photo 2

I laid out on my deck chair, the zero gravity one (aren’t they fantastic?) and read my book. It got a bit breezy so I wandered inside and laid down on the comfy couch in my sunporch with my book .. had a nap.. then made something to eat.. I then decided to have a shower in my outdoor shower that doesn’t have an enclosure yet.(I am at the lake for the summer in case you are a new reader to my blog)

What can be better than having a shower in the great outdoors, no enclosure to block out the fantastic view of the trees and the grass and the neighbors cat.. now where did he come from ? I liken it to skinny dipping in the lake, what a great feeling!  Exhilarating actually

It was a perfect day and I gave myself permission to just enjoy it and do nothing…photophoto 1



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