Jeannie… one of a kind

Our first meeting was not ‘love at first sight’ .. it was quite the opposite in fact. No we are not gay but we are best friends now. She was a friend of a friend and we got together to swap stories about a dating site (plenty of fish ) that we were both on.

I am old enough to be Jeannie’s mom and my daughter upon first meeting Jeannie exclaimed “oh mom .. you two could be sisters!” She is loud and boisterous and full of life and fun. If you are shy and like it that way .. don’t go anywhere with Jeannie. There is nowhere that we go that someone doesn’t squeal with delight at seeing Jeannie.. ! She also squeals back.. just sayin.

We swapped dating stories and commiserated over life and men and I finally had someone to discuss sex with. Do you know how hard that is.. to have all these things you want to know (having been newly single after forty years of marriage) and no one to discuss it with. Well Jeannie and I became our own  ‘font of knowledge’ on all things men and dating and condoms and.. and.. everything we were curious about, and that is a lot of things.. just sayin.

Jeannie is also a tireless fundraiser and volunteer for every organization including the Lions Club and the Knights of Columbus youth club, manning ticket booths and selling raffle tickets. Whatever is needed Jeannie is selfless and is first to offer her services. She was also a chef at one of the schools in the catholic school board system until a few months ago.

My friend lost a son last November (he was in his early twenties) it was sudden and unexpected. She is struggling with his death and having a really hard time right now. I think my friend has also made a few bad choices in her life but we all need to learn and sometimes we need to learn the hard way.

Jeannie also lost her husband six years ago, he left her all by herself, to deal with a cancer diagnosis in her kidney! Who does that? Jeannie is a fighter and although devastated by his leaving, she rallied to beat it and now lives with one kidney.

While fighting that battle she lost a lot of weight  (over 150 lbs) and was on her way to getting her life back on track when cancer struck  her again. This time in her stomach and liver. Some others would maybe have given up..  not so with Jeannie. If this ever got her down or she had bad days, we didn’t see it. Jeannie would disappear and we wouldn’t hear from her or see her!IMG-20110508-00651

She never complained and was always positive! She fought back and won this second battle..  but was on dialysis for a very long time.

Jeannie has some big life decisions ahead of her , and she is still  coping with her loss. Did you know Jeannie is dyslexic.. most don’t, and although it makes no difference to us WE can never know how challenging that must be! I love my friend and I help her when I can, and pray for her when I can’t. My friend is always helping someone else and if you need anything she will be first to try and get it for you.

Jeannie is part of an all girls Dragon Boat team “Strength in Numbers” raising money for the Heart and Stroke foundation. She has helped raise a lot of money for this team over the past few years. I hope you like what I shared about my friend and maybe you will share her story on your FB page. If you can help Jeannie with a small donation for her team that would make her day (she does not know I am writing a story on her, but I will get her approval to post it).

I think we should all be a little more like Jeannie… correction.. make that “a lot more”!

I shave posted a link for you to donate something if you want. Please mention me (Jeannie is relentless in her pursuit of donations.. just sayin).

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