Dinosaurs once roamed here.. I think I know what happened to them

untitled (106)Maybe this is what it all boils down to .. putting out fires and trying to put food on the table. Is this how the third world lives everyday? Will terrorism finally take a backseat to the more immediate crisis of food and shelter?untitled (107)

It seems as though this smoke never really dissipates.. it only  relents for maybe a day or half a day here and there. What must it be like for the people up north living closer to these raging infernos? Being displaced from your homes?

A cousin left Monday to help fight the fires up north. He is a volunteer firefighter for the city of Warman and his job in HR at a potash mine allows him the time off work.

untitled (105)A brother-in-law has been putting up these same men, fighting the fires, at his bed and breakfast cabin at Weyakwin where there are 120 cabins at risk. The fire is burning around the lake but all he can do is pray.

The sister-in-law has been working 14 hour days to feed the firefighters. The smoke touches everybody and everything..it is hard to breath sometimes and we are hundreds of miles away!

The news brings us more of the same, this time from Jasper Alberta, another fire popping up and creating havoc and danger for the people there. It almost feels like all of western Canada is burning (it isn’t) but the fallout is real.imagesYGU55HZM

See.. if we don’t see or breath the smoke in, then it really doesn’t affect us. We know there are fires burning and we send in the people and tools to help fight them and we hope for the best, but this time it is different.

I am back up at my beloved lake which is only 100 miles from Saskatoon, the air was not bad yesterday , we actually had the sun shinning through. That did not follow through to here at the lake,  as the smoke is still heavy and the sun disappears yet again.

My office on the deck at my lakefront cabin
My office on the deck at my lakefront cabin

My thoughts now entertain the idea of ‘what if the fire was here’ what would I save from the cabin..? Well I am lucky it is not my fulltime home.. well actually it is kinda..  in the summertime.

The smoke is so heavy this morning that although the forecast is for a very hot sunny day, that is not going to happen. The hot part will happen.. but the smoke hangs like a mist, refusing to budge from the prison it has crafted from our burning resources. 

Going back to the city is not really an option as sometimes it can be worse there than here and why is that, I wonder? It certainly brings you back to the basics of life that we take forgranted ..like breathing!

You can’t buy fresh air and money can’t stop a forest fire from raging through your life. What if everything burns down.. what then? You can’t buy a new forest or wild animals or ? What if the whole town burns down ?

A lonely pelican adrift in the haze.
A lonely pelican adrift in the haze.

They are trying to save the town in La Range, northern Saskatchewan.. but what of Jasper Alberta? The tourists are already leaving and that fire just started on Thursday!

It is the smoke.. “we came to take in the magnificent scenery” ..said the tourist that was interviewed..  “but you can’t see it in this smoke, so why stay?” both of these places are in real danger of burning down.

 Indeed.. but what if fires started burning everywhere what then? We are surrounded by forests and farmland. We have access to the worlds resources right in our own backyard.

images5Q5TY9GLA new thought just occurs to me.. what if this is what ‘did in’ the dinosaurs? As I sit here ..my eyes are watering and I am sneezing and my nose is running and I’m thinking wtf? I am not a dinosaur .. well ok so I am old..

This smoke is getting to me .. I am tired of it and it is starting to frighten me, just a little.. what if ?imagesD69YQ7FA