Planking, push ups and death

I want simple .. but why is it so complicated?

Here I am once more, writing down my thoughts, hoping for some insight on this reluctant journey to where? What is going to happen.. how is this going to play out.. and what is my role in all this?

Can I make a difference by taking control of my own health or should I put my trust .. and my life, into a doctors hands? Many of you may think this is a no-brainer, a sort of foregone conclusion. How many of you know of the 25,000 un-necessary deaths occurring in hospitals in Canada each and every year I wonder?

Being the oldest of seven siblings, losing three along the way, makes me very aware of whatever time I may have left. That joke about “had I known I was going to live this long.. I would have taken better care of myself” haunts me somewhat. Not one to live in coulda , shoulda or woulda.. it is the here and now I am interested in!

This is my own mortality I am dealing with, it’s not so cut and dried. Many others are also dealing with this I know. Holistic medicine or going to see a naturopath is gaining more credibility as an alternative route to ‘cutting it out’ or feeding the pharmaceutical giants..  they reap the profits from our vulnerability.

Cutting it out isn’t that simple either .. it can be followed up with Chemo treatments or radiation and those in themselves can be a deadly combination. There are comparison studies being done on these chemical treatments versus no treatments and the results may surprise you.. and not in a good way.

Mammograms are even coming under scrutiny after all these years.. now who the heck are we supposed to trust? It almost seems that once they (the doctors) start cutting, there seems to be no end. Sometimes that end comes and is a big surprise to everyone.. “the surgery was a success.. but the patient didn’t survive!” ..complications .. you know…

A friend of mine, had a good friend go in for a colonoscopy. They snipped a nodule and the site filled with blood which led to a blockage and removal of some intestine which eventually led to his death.

I know there are stories going both ways but I don’t want to end up being a story.. dammit!.. I want to write my own peaceful ending. A holistic approach is what I’m doing, this health scare was enough to make me change my ways.

A biopsy in the O.R. of a hospital is looming for me. I am going because of my love for my kids, putting stress on them is not what I want. I am putting my trust in my doctors and not my own gut feelings. I would prefer the holistic route.. but time is running short and we don’t get more of it as we age.. only less.

My plans for the future (like next week) are organic in nature. I see carrot and beet juice as well as lots of water. Food cooked from scratch and lots of fresh organic vegetables. This coincides with a 6 week exercise boot camp I signed up for, with my granddaughter.

In closing for this particular blog, I only want to say this.. if the hospital and doctors don’t kill me, well the fitness Boot Camp just might!!  I wish I was kidding.. I signed up with my granddaughter so she could help me up.. off the floor! Who knew planking and push-ups were in my future, certainly not my body!

stay tuned..