pied piper.. the Holy Spirit and my contractor an unlikely trio

untitled (37)My contractor showed up four hours early.. can you even believe it? First off, finding one that will commit to something you want done at anytime, is near impossible. One that will come the next day.. is this really happening? Stand in line ladies .. well, those of us that don’t have significant others to do man stuff. We find it difficult to near impossible finding a handyman.

Men are handy for a lot of things.. not readily understandable when you have one, but when you don’t hmmmm. That irritating, belching, gas passing and nit-picking person you lived with really did have un-recognized benefits. Not counting the bedroom ones that are obvious.untitled (38)

My ex was always busy, working in the yard and keeping all of our vehicles running smooth and looking good. Always fixing stuff.. he  could fix anything or at least figure out what was needed.

I miss that.. a lot! Not enough to want him back though.. but he would know exactly what I want for my carport and how to build it! He is an inventor of sorts as most guys are from the prairies.. they figure things out and will even make parts that are needed to run something. I’m sure that is going to be a lost art if it isn’t already.images368QIIC0

images0BZTE444Which brings me back to my contractor. He shows up and people come out of the woodwork.. he is like the Pied Piper.. everyone wanting his attention and wanting him to work on their stuff! Alfredo and I hit it off right away when I ask him if he always works alone? “No“.. he says “the Holy Spirit is always helping me, I am never alone.”

“I have a Holy Spirit as well”, I inform him .. remembering my past Catholic upbringing. So it goes through-out the afternoon, our Holy Spirits are consulted more than a few times on various issues.

My girlfriends come over and want to know how much for this or how much would he charge for that .. things they want done. My neighbor from one street over comes across and wants him as well, for something he wants done. Stand in line guys.. he is mine!!

images (60)I need to find a big canvas tarp and hide his truck and close all my doors so no one knows I have a contractor working here. Meantime his phone is ringing steady.. well at least ten calls while he is here .. I inquire about maybe being his secretary and handling his calls?

He doesn’t want to put the old moldings back around my new door but I want him to. (I don’t want to paint new ones!) I ask him what his Holy Spirit thinks and he says that the Holy Spirit would like to see new ones. I leave him and my girlfriends, to run back to Home Depot yet again .. second time.

Home Depot is like a thriving ‘man hive’ of male activity. I swear I could just stand in the door aisle and talk to men all day long. No need to join a dating site or shop in the evenings at supermarkets.. here the men all come to you, insert smiley face here.imagesUPN1X50L

untitled (39)Finding a contractor here should be a no brainer.  Should Alfredo not show up again.. and I am keeping my fingers crossed that he was not a one time wonder. I am seriously going to look into this novel idea. Where else can a single girl give out her phone number to so many men with the line “call me if you can fit me in?”  I could even get lucky .. ok I am off track once more.

When I get back with the trim I notice that one girlfriend has left and the other says “no.. he is too busy” to my offer to ask him about putting her window in. Then I find out ‘arrangements’ have already been made for next week, when he is supposed to come back to my place. Too late I realize I should have left my Holy Spirit behind to protect my interests!

images2Y2081IWHmmm what did I miss I wonder? I have a whole lot more work for Alfredo and his Spirit. Now isn’t there rules about dating other girlfriends boyfriends or ex husbands and shouldn’t that apply here to ‘my’ contractor?

Next morning as I sip my coffee and admire my new front door .. I love it (I know .. I need to get a life) my sense of wellbeing extends to forgiving my girlfriends for trying to lure him away. I will let Alfredo know that the Holy Spirit does not live with them and sure they will get him..  when he has finished my work.. or over my dead body.. which-ever happens first. (holy spirit I didn’t mean that)imagesUUO2B87L

all may be fair in love and war.. but don’t even think about trying to sneak my contractor away.. just sayin..