People Farms .. shitting tons of money, who knew?

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My curiosity is eclectic.. what piques my interest sometimes even surprises me. Big corporations hiring people would never be on my radar..  not even the least bit interesting.. wouldn’t you agree? Well a friend of mine works at one of these and what has happened to her is so bizarre.. or I have been living under a rock and this is a new wave…

Being a business woman and an entrepreneur my whole life (a long one too I might add..  I am getting long in the tooth) I have done a lot of payrolls .. hiring and occasionally firing. Paying remittances, caring and nurturing and lot of times even feeding my employees.

Well seems like this whole scenario is becoming obsolete. Companies can now go to a ‘People Farm’ and rent them.. no strings attached! We then pay the Farmer for whatever that person is worth to us. The Farmer gets a cut of all the money that person earns while at said company!

Now I think that is pretty dam sweet.. don’t you? Just think about it for a minute.. why raise cattle or pigs or even chickens for that images (57)matter? When you take them to market and sell them.. that’s it! After paying for all the bills associated with raising those animals.. hopefully you have enough left over to buy more, so you can start all over again.

People Farm animals (humans) in this scenario will keep on generating money forever or until they get sick and can’t work. Upside is.. we don’t have to pay for any of their health care issues or down time or anything for that matter.. they are on their own.

At The People Farm they don’t even have to put a roof over their head or feed them or care for them in any way. Farmer will have to collect the money generated from these prolific animals and of course keep 10 to 20% of what they earn from the rentees. He may even have to keep one of these animals back to keep track of all the money rolling into his pockets.

untitled (35)The rentees get to skip paying out any maintenance fees whatsoever and goodbye payroll clerks and Human Resources and .. what else, oh.. personal connections? They just give the Farmer money for the use of his animals. The Farmer takes his cut from work he never ever even come close to generating or earning, one little bit.. and passes on the rest.

You know this scenario is too good to be true..  so up pop more Farmers with People Farms.. The animals (humans) are getting confused.. (as am I). All the big companies are ridding themselves of maintenance costs and are now only using ‘People Farms’ to rent who they need.

These companies just keep sending the Farmer more money and he gets richer and richer. Could this also have a side benefit for the companies.. when layoffs come en masse.. they avoid all bad publicity, because the Farmer is the one laying them off?untitled (32)

This practice is taking on a whole new life and it is insidious. Thousand of employees sought out directly for their unique skills are now being treated like animals and are being fired .. yep.. fired.. or laid off or whatever you want to sugar coat it with. They now go to one of their choice of  ‘People Farms’  and that same company that let them go, will rehire them.. with a cut in wages of course.

The animals are getting restless and seems to me, no one, but no one.. is looking after their long term interests. Have we come full circle from the dark ages with no workers rights.. ? Didn’t we unite and form unions and strike for workers rights and benefits? (I am not a union person but they did make everyone pay attention to how we treat labour.)

untitled (36)Flash forward to today, the corporate companies from all over the world are stripping away all responsibilities and obligations for all those helping them generate shitloads of money. These workers that show up at their company everyday and put in a full days work..  are supposedly not even working for them! The Farmer owns them, they are his employees.. hmmm

My friend was fired by the huge  corporate company (as were hundreds of others) and rehired at The People Farm taking a cut in wages (8%) .. she was then ‘farmed out’ back to the same company. She supplies an invoice to company who then sends a check off to the Farmer (he keeps his share that was negotiated secretly with the company) and issues her a check. . My friend was responsible for all her own remittances, being an independent consultant under contract to the company, it is the same arrangement with the Farmer. Dam .. that has got to be one hell of a racket don’t you think? How do I get one of those People Farms I wonder? They are raking in shitloads of money…images6E9878W6

to market to market to buy a fat pig…

corporate asked farmer to go out and dig..

a big hole for the tons money the animals were shitting on them.. jiggity jig!

If you are still confused by all this ..  thank you.. I am not alone. Feel free to enlighten me. I’ll be at my cousins farm encouraging him to get rid of his real animals.. they are only eating all his profits and the stuff coming out their back ends .. well it needs to be shoveled and not into a bank!

something to think about
something to think about