PART TWO .. negotiations on resolutions have hit an impassse’

imagesZM3HCNV4Ok inner nag and I have been working overtime on our resolutions for the new year ahead and here is what we have come up with.

ONE… we put healthy eating in here because if we do over-indulge it HAS to be HEALTHY! I think this should be an easy one to keep. That chocolate bar has to be crumbled into NO FAT frozen yogurt if we must have it.. period! The lemon pound cake however is going to be a little more difficult to pair up but don’t worry .. we will think of something.

TWO.. exercise is always a top priority on my list … hmmm it seems it is nap time.. ok,  I will continue this later.

THREE.. ok now where was I, oh ya… exercise, we (inner nag and myself) resolve to use that treadmill collecting dust in my photo 1screened in room. I think that dust is actually a fine layer of sand, I sure hope it didn’t hurt the motor on that thing.

FOUR.. I resolve to take the big bbq cover I bought for the treadmill (see above) out of the box and put it over said machine.

FIVE.. I will do that before new years eve.  (see above)

SIX… I will finish all the Xmas chocolates before new years eve.. hmmm ok.. and..  NOT BUY ANYMORE (before then)… for sure.. yep.. ok so no more lemon pound cake either .. dam! That is gonna be a tough

SEVEN.. how many of these do we need anyway.. oops .. my outside voice. I resolve to call my mom more often… ok, sorry.. that was really lame for obvious reasons.. inner nag and I are having a little discussion here..(sorry mom) If I had it to do over again I would call her lots.

EIGHT.. I will call my kids once a week .. although I don’t think that is really fair.. I think they should call me, but inner nag is such a bitch and she says I have to be the adult here.

NINE.. I will quit calling inner nag a bitch.. (her idea not mine)

TEN.. these are not the commandments ya know.. and are not written in stone !! .. and I can take you out !!! Oh sorry about that.. inner nag and I were in a meeting. Did we leave the computer on or is siri  eavesdropping and putting us in that cloud..  and where the hell are all my pictures anyway?

ELEVEN.. I will use less profanity this coming year .. now wtf does that mean ? does it include abbreviations? and who tf died and made you boss? WELL it is NOT new years yet !!!!

So ok ..we decided to forgo the resolutions this year, seems inner bitch is still on holidays and NOT very accommodating (I think she got a wee bit cranky from images (68)trying to figure out what to pair the lemon pound cake with)

Maybe next year .. oh right .. we are back to where we started!

Ah well.. Happy New Year and that is the key word… be ‘Happy’ this year (nag and I are totally in agreement on that