New Years resolutions.. what’s your ‘inner nag’ saying to you? (PART ONE)

images (71)This time of year is always kind of bittersweet.. have we done what we wanted to accomplish so far.. it’s like taking stock. What could I have done differently.. what did I do right, or wrong.. ? or more to the point.. what the heck DID I DO THIS YEAR ANYWAY…?

Good questions and I suppose we could make up all sorts of answers to appease our  ‘inner nag’.. you know .. that inside person that judges us. The one that wreaks havoc with our feelings of self esteem,  telling images (69)us all the things we should have done, could have done! And .. then reasoning why we didn’t, and finally confirming  our worst fears.. we are just lazy and unmotivated and a ‘ I can do it tomorrow’  kinda person ! Dam that ‘inner nag‘.. sometimes I just hate her !

I didn’t lose that weight .. didn’t stick to the work-out program (even though the inner nag and I made it up together). But mostly I didn’t accomplish what I set myself up for at the beginning of the year. But screw it.. I decided to  blame it all on the ‘inner nag’! At least I tried.. and so what if it wasn’t the perfect year?images (68)

Setting out to take this past year by storm and do all the things I wanted to do.. business-wise was a tall order anyway. The ‘nag‘ and I put a lot of big demands on my plate. All this while trying out a new man in my life.

untitled (49)The eating less and exercise thing was the first to bite the dust..  being really determined to do it..  was next! Or was that first? ‘Inner nag’ says I was not seriously committed in the first place and she is probly right.

Trying out the new man was taking up a lot of my emotional space..  dribbling into other areas of my psyche. That event alone was making me re-evaluate what the heck I wanted from my life anyway?

images (72)This was a year of  revelations.. and turned into maybe the best year of my new life so far. I learned you cannot fit a man into your life with-out love.. no matter how perfect the fit may seem. So I continue my search in that department but it is not a serious quest.. if one happens along then so be it.. I guess.

My attention was diverted to a new beginning when I attended the Catersource conference in Vegas this past year. Chance encounters and new friends made at this conference took my life in a whole new direction! How does that happen? .. and I wonder if these same people even know what an impression they made in my life?? Probably not..Screenshot_2

One of them has just resurfaced with a job opportunity offered to me .. this has potential for another new beginning (in my life) and he has no idea. I am very excited to be working for this catering icon, he is very much esteemed and respected in this industry. (sure it is just a job..  but .. with every job comes the possibilities of opportunities not yet realized) .. I said that! I would love to have a saying attributed to just me.. I wonder if that will ever happen? I hope so.imagesRJGQFQFL

Ok .. now where was I?..  I decided to FINALLY  take  the whole summer off (which I accomplished) and I spent it at the lake! Unfortunately my kids only made it up a couple times and my sister not at all.. I was really looking forward to spending time with my baby sister. (she is 18 years my junior)

I also gave birth to a new beginning.. and that is this blog. I will be forever grateful to another of my Catersource friends (I met at conference) for pointing me in this direction and his advice ‘to stick with it and not to give up’. This blog has brought me much peace and joy as well. When in doubt I write it out.. this seems to work for me.

I don’t think I will ever lose the weight.. but.. I did buy a used treadmill and it is collecting dust in my screened in patio just images (73)awaiting the ‘new’ new years resolution on working out again. Oh and a new friend and I bought into the prickly pear juice (made from cactus fruit) regime for our health.. oh ya.. it cures everything from diabetes to cancer.. (it was Dr. Oz approved!)

As I write this I am consuming the last of the Xmas chocolates in preparation for the new ‘eating program’ .. see above. Inner nag and I are still in negotiations for the rest of the resolutions list. I am so excited for this coming year .. how about you?