Paradise.. orgasmic.. lake-time ..more postcards from the lake (unedited)

imagesLOF7RAC9Another scorcher today.. the weather has been fantastic! There are no mosquitos and that rarely happens, the horseflies have disappeared as well I dead ? is this nirvana?

But wait what the hell is biting me, I can’t see anything! ahhhhh , what is this tiny little insect that I can hardly see? Is this what a no-see-em looks like?

Well it was too good to be true I guess, no mosquito bites … but .. little no-see-em bites.  Another no-see-em  of our summers at the lake is ‘the itch’ and not the seven year kind. It brings it’s own special kind of torture.

Waking up to this persistent need to scratch a little nodule of raised skin is sooooo soothing.. and the more I scratch the more it demands my attention. What’s this.. more little nodules popping up? 

The thing with this particular insect, that resides in the lake water, is that it is fickle. Sometimes we are covered in bites and other times we escape unscathed.. later summer is when this occurs.

My bites always take a day o so to mature and in one case a couple of weeks. A cruise I took that stopped in Rotan (Belize) where I did some snorkeling, unbeknownst to me .. had a beach full of sand fleas that left me with late blooming bites that did not show up until a week after I got back home.

A doctors appointment didn’t help.. I had to google it and low and behold .. there it was! I wrote about it in my travel blog . Seems like you can google everything now a days, and I love that.

Don’t know something .. Google it ! What amazing times we live in. Who knew that we could be our own doctor by googling our symptoms? I for one, always google any medication my doctor prescribes to me. I want to know all the side effects although sometimes that is even worse than the condition I may have.

Even Paradise comes with irritants .. this itching is driving me crazy, but it is a disturbing kind of crazy. It feels so good to scratch.. even kind of orgasmic sometimes .. ya ..I said that! Try not scratching.. now scratch… omg.. how good does that feel?

Get rid of the gel nails at the lake .. you will never get a good scratch with those. Gel nails are the anti-scratch phenomenon, you will NEVER get a good scratch with gels..!

Now I am really into the scratching, drawing blood even! Maybe just as well .. I am getting my fix not having a man around at the present time.. lol. Orgasmic scratching.. who knew? Is that why some men are always scratching their private parts I wonder?

Ok now where  was I .. oh yes paradise.. orgasmic, lake time.. and ‘the itch’ .. excuse me while I have a little scratch… oooohhhh , aaahhhhhhh, omg that feels sooooooo good!

I had gel nails once, well ok, quite a few times. That’s when you need a spaghetti picker upper, you know, one of those plastic claw things so you can scratch those hard to reach areas..  on your back and also just to get a good, honest to goodness, scratching session in.

I  have also had a man in my life..well in and out.. so to speak.. on again.. off again..hmmm this is taking me in a whole new direction. They are also good for scratching your back and other orgasmic things.. like massaging your feet….

Aaaahhhhhhhhhh lake time, cards (Saskatchewan rummy.. google it , so much fun!) campfires, games ,visiting, coffee time, sunbathing, boats, swimming..  and ‘the itch’.

You can now add ‘orgasmic scratching’ to your vocabulary, I guarantee if you are reading my blog about this…, next time you scratch you will think of me…

Ps.. I am going to put this up with-out editing and pictures .. the lake beckons .. I will clean this up with pictures later or maybe even tomorrow morning.. I am on lake – time.. ooohhhh aaaahhhhhhhhh