If you woke up dead tomorrow .. would you be sorry?

images (132)How many new beginnings do we get? We are born and that is pretty new.. can’t get much newer than that. We get a new beginning when we start school for the first time. An introduction into a whole new world of learning to interact with people our own age.

Seemed like the start of every school year was a new beginning. I recall ten different schools in my short academic career .. it was not easy changing schools so often. Children are pretty resilient thank goodness but always being the new girl certainly had it’s challenges.

Maybe that is why some of us going out into the world.. stay in relationships or feed habits that may not necessarily be life threatening, but are toxic non-the-less, ‘killing us softly’. We seek continuity.. smoking comes to mind as does marriages or long term partnerships that slowly leak out our life-force. Friendships that cause us such stress.. why do we put up with them?

What makes us so scared to leave or quit or make the necessary changes to rid ourselves of such turmoil? We really need to take control of our own destiny, because in the end.. we alone, are accountable for it. Some of us need to let go and quit sipping the poison that is slowly killing us.

Age is not a factor, change is possible at any age.. aha moments while younger is surely a bonus. Some don’t even realize that it is possible.. they live with a hopelessness that must be truly sorrowful.

Regardless of anything else in our lives .. we need to flush anger. We can carry that baby around with us forever but in the end I think it will eventually kill us.. don’t you? It could be a slow painful death like a cancer or a swift  fateful death from a heart attack.

Think about that..  if you knew you only had a month or even just days to live, would you change your life? A little late maybe but if your answer was yes .. what is stopping you from making positive changes right now or taking the necessary steps to do so? What is the worst that could happen .. ?

We can read all the self help books in the world , and I certainly read my fair share.. but reading is not doing. I waited a very long time to change my life and in the end it was so simple.. it was a decision.. a simple decision.. what took me so long? Fear of the unknown I guess, but if we are slowly dying anyway.. why not choose life?

We are all going to die.. we aren’t getting out of this alive. Keeping that thought in mind, shouldn’t we live while we are here? I mean we could wake up dead tomorrow .. then what?

We need to make a commitment to our mental well being because I think it all starts in our head. Above all else lose the hate.. get rid of anger .. wake up tomorrow and whisper to yourself .. I choose to be happy.We cannot blame other people for the anger we carry in our soul, we need to ‘flush it’. Do not give any single person the power over your own happiness.imagesD69YQ7FA.

Sure I am older and of course wiser.. so to all you young ones out there .. here is my advice to you.

Flush the anger and the hate, no one can force you to keep it in your heart .. it is going to cause you health problems in the end. Get rid of that poisonous sippy cup and get a big fat straw and suck out all you can from that deep well of happiness that you are going to dig!

Get rid of what is leaching the joy from your life. Forgive yourself for your own transgressions you CAN change and you DESERVE better.. it is never too late

Be positive and surround yourself with like minded people.. negativity breeds contempt and nothing good will ever happen in your life if negativity has taken up residence there..

Above all else be yourself (even if you need to find out who you really are.. and sometimes we do) and expect respect .. respect others too , works both ways ! We need to live OUR OWN LIFE.. and not someone else’s version of it.. we are all capable of this .. don’t be afraid .. to die and to have lived my life! That is my goal.. rather than to die living someone else’s sorry life….

And last but not least

Quit smoking … today ! (ok so I had to throw that one in .. it’s a freebie)

Ps. I fulfilled a life-long dream of seeing the pyramids, I had to change my life first. I am now pursuing other dreams.. oh .. and I am doing all this as a senior! Don’t care .. we are never too old to make changes.. !

What dreams do you have?








4 thoughts on “If you woke up dead tomorrow .. would you be sorry?

  1. Cherylle,
    Words from a very wise person. Much appreciated and I agree whole heartedly.
    Live now…..die later ………don’t die while you’re alive by being someone, doing some thing that you don’t want . Carry on.

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