my corona

Its not really my corona, it belongs to all of us. We have been systematically and willingly destroying our habitat for too many decades. Not being a seer or having any special insights, I figure it was only a matter of time for something like this to happen. That this struck us now and so swiftly, shutting down the whole world, totally caught me off guard though.

As much as we like to lay blame elsewhere, this virus belongs to all of us and we need to accept this and deal with it. Our world has been acting up in mysterious ways as of late, like devastating forest fires, crazy heat waves or melting ice caps or .. or.. ? Climate change is still not real for many of us, do you think mother nature decided to make a point? She certainly has our complete attention now.

Has anyone else noticed that military fighting is taking a back burner to a virus that has boldly hacked into even the most powerful world powers?  Covid 19 also does not discriminate against women, blacks, Asians or any color or religion for that matter, even ‘born agains’ are not immune. This virus has done what no man has ever done before.. created a level playing field for all of us to play on. Well it is not completely level, the old, the sick and the weak are more likely to die or should I say.. be killed by it.

Our arsenals of nuclear weapons are no match for Covid 19. Fact is, this virus could cripple the very ships that carry these weapon on our oceans, right now. Wouldn’t it be ironic to have a ship full of very sick navy personnel on duty in charge of a shipload of nuclear warheads? This is just a hypothetical observation, or is it? It should also be mentioned here that some believe the Chinese manufactured this virus for their own gains. Yes it kills Chinese people as well.. I know, tell it to the theorists.

The only way to diffuse this ticking time bomb is to isolate ourselves from the world. No travelling is included in these restrictions. Now I want to say here that I am grateful that I was able to venture out and see a lot of the world before this came along. Truth be told, my trip last fall to Portugal, Morocco and Paris was a tipping point for me. Airline travel always leaves me debilitated.. I get sick once home and it takes me weeks to recover. I blame it on the contaminated airfow in planes, turns out I may not be so far off the mark.

Going forward I see a different scenario taking shape. The tight cramped quarters of airlines will no longer be acceptable. Less seats and more physical distancing will happen. That’s if we still even want to travel, which I don’t see happening anytime soon in the next couple years. Airlines will go bankrupt and the ones that remain will have to change their seating arrangements and charge more money of course. Only the well off will be able to travel by air. Taking cruises will be a crapshoot, I am a lover of cruise ships but they are now totally off the radar in my future.

Car travel, vans, RV living and such, will be big time and trips worth pursuing. Visiting and exploring our own country and North America is in the cards for me. My personal observation is that the states will be off limits for quite some time as they are still grappling with getting everyone on board to fight this invisible foe. My guess is that they may just have the worst outcome of any country so far. The second wave could be even worse for them, that is if they even get past the first wave. My personal thoughts are that this is a direct outcome and result of the poor leadership shown in dealing with this epic pandemic. Having a healthcare system that seems to have failed in tracking, testing and screening.. in pandemic proportions, doesn’t help either. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so. I spend my winters in Arizona and I have a lot of American friends. Their healthcare system doesn’t seem very cohesive and certainly doesn’t include everyone.

Spending time in the states may be something that is not going to happen again for me. I foresee a one or two year time out, at the least. I sure hope I am wrong on that, I love my place down south, but not enough to die for it. So travel will take a big hit and I’m thinking the cruise industry will also suffer big losses. Travelling by train may make a comeback, and I would love to travel to our own west coast by train with some family along. I see us packing more food and lunches as well, for work and on trips, eating safe food is surely a thing now.

There will be a lot of eating establishments falling by the wayside, even if they do make it through to opening again. We are much more picky now and discerning, we not only need to feel like we have space but also, it has to be food-safe. The eating establishments that get this right, will win our trust and our money. Eating at the ‘trough’ places will be the first to fall. Buffets need to figure it out and re-configure how to serve their food or they may also disappear. I left buffets behind a long time ago.. but that’s just me and I could be wrong. We are learning to cook again with this time out, kids are even getting into it.. who knew? Dare I say that this has also been enjoyable and we aren’t soon going to give up this newfound pleasure.

We will go back to work.. but a lot of us may have found a new way to fulfill our jobs or have even created new ones. I’m thinking more than a few will have established home offices and will not be so fast to start commuting again. Kids will definitely go back to school but maybe that will also see an altered timetable? A three or four day school week with more onus on parents to participate in their child’s education. This time they have spent bonding will have a positive outcome either way. I see that as a good thing, learning co-operation and household skills including cooking, has got to be a bonus.

Which brings me around to what is really important in our lives.. family and friends. This virus, although separating us, has also brought us together and taught us about love. I love my kids and my grandkids so much, god how I miss not being able to hold them near to me. Most can’t wait to be able to have play time once again with their grandkids, be it cards or coloring with crayons and yes… that is a thing now.

My friends are also an integral part to my well being, and we have stayed in touch through phone calls and social media. Thank you to all that ‘liked’ my endless pictures of my breakfasts I posted on Facebook pretty much everyday. You gave me a purpose and a reason to have at least one good balanced meal a day. I am so grateful for my family and friends and I have a new respect for ‘mother earth.’ I hope going forward we can rehabilitate our ways and clean up our envirment. In this short span of time we have all witnessed the turn-around of pollution and the difference it has made to our air and our waterways.

Saving our planet will be in turn.. like saving ourselves.