Cinco de mayo or… Sinko de wiener in de mustard

Yes I know its cinco de mayo.. but here in my world, right now it is ‘sinko de wiener in de mustard’ sad but true. Many of you have been liking my crazy, pepper laden, cod filets and pork chop breakfast pictures. I have tried to vary the offerings and make it interesting and delectable. That all took a drastic nose dive this morning. Gazing in my fridge and feeling lazy as hell, I spied the cold wieners! Yes, I broke down and bought some on my last shopping trip (I used to eat them cold from the fridge.. but gave it up in favour of eating healthy.)

Its not like I didn’t have all the ingredients for a nice proper breakfast.. wieners were right there beside the bacon! My mind did a little tug-o-war with the lazy ass woman that houses it. Ah well just this once, who needs to do all that prep and cooking, its not like I need another picture of yet another great breakfast .. right? I like plain old yellow Frenchs mustard, and why dirty a dish? I had ordered take-out for only the second time in isolation last night, and the little empty coleslaw styro container was still on the counter. Lazy ass doesn’t like clean-up apparently.

So I’m totally enjoying this delicious treat that I gave up, thinking hmmm.. I don’t even have to take any pictures. A fleeting thought crosses my mind, how many others just grab whatever and eat it outta the fridge? Maybe my Facebook pictures made some feel bad for not taking the time for themselves. Yep .. that is what I thought, so I grabbed my phone and tried my best to put a good spin on this picture. This is real life and it doesn’t get any realer than this, and you’re welcome :  )

Its also Taco Tuesday .. but I’m going to pretend it is Wiener Wednesday, so eat your wieners and enjoy! Not gonna lie here.. this lazy ass woman enjoys a great wiener once in awhile, what can I say? sorry/notsorry

You’re welcome ..