its a knick knack Patty Whack..

ITS A KNICK KNACK PATTY WHACK (isolation.. Jagger and me)

A frog goes into the bank looking for a loan to buy this exquisite porcelain statue of a fly that he is carrying under his arm. Patty Whack, the loans officer is taken aback by this odd request and even more so when the frog informs her that his father is Mick Jagger, a good friend of the bank manager. Patty excuses herself to confer with the bank manager. Upon hearing the facts from Patty he looks directly into her eyes and says “well.. its a knick knack Patty Whack, give the frog a loan, his old man’s a rolling stone!”

I’ve loved that joke for a long time, when I get confused or bored or just need something to say.. out comes this “well, its a knick knack Patty Whack…” and that’s all I say. Most that know me, already know the joke and they get it. What it is I’m trying to say is that I don’t have all the answers and I am just as confused as you. The more we try to explain something, sometimes is just more confusing and well.. its a knick knack patty whack..

That, my friends, is how I’m feeling this morning. I unintentionally started a fight with a good friend down south over politics. I also wrote a letter to the editor that released a backlash of controversy, again political. Sometimes its just hard to stand up and be counted. These are tough times for everyone I know, but we still need to have common sense. This is also a time that we need to lift ourselves up and be better than we actually are.. ya I know, that confused me too.

The snow is sticking around much longer than it needs too and the sun is non-existent again today. I think it has finally hit me.. I need to get out and blow off some steam. Going for a walk may be just the thing I need, it is freaking cold still and I hate exercise. Maybe doing something I hate will make me feel better? Beats me too, but barring getting drunk by myself, or breaking all the rules touching everything in a grocery store, I don’t see many options.

I’ve had enough sleep to last me weeks and enough to eat to last me a year. Posting one more picture on Facebook of my breakfasts and dinners will surely be one too many? So.. its a knick knack patty whack, it just is. I’ve forgone the daily update today with our Prime minister and Lisa.. that usually runs into watching The View, and before I know it, my morning disappears, poof.

Making a FB picture worthy breakfast/lunch takes up a fair bit of time. Eating this delicious meal leads into a food coma that requires a nap. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it all and getting lots of writing done. Life is good in la la land, but it may be time for some real physical action, and a walk may do the trick. Right now I am looking out on this gloomy day and the remnants of ice and snow, and thinking.. wtf am I thinking!

The daily news conference should be over and The View should be starting.. hmmm.. na. Breakfast is calling my name, and I am succumbing to its siren call, may as well turn on The View while I’m making it, right? I need another coffee anyway.

Aaaaand.. she’s back, big breakfast, not that pretty so no pictures. Food coma has not kicked in yet, The View was a waste of my time, but I have lots more where that came from. I wandered around on social media for awhile like a zombie needing a fix.. a fix of what you may wonder. Well not finding a fix for the zombie, I looked into the freezer and found a couple cinnamon buns, for me, put there purposely so I wouldn’t eat them! I’m here to tell you that they taste even better from a frozen state.. and yes that’s the truth.

Instead of a coffee I made a dry powdered mocha coffee mix my cousin gave me, it is from Mexico. I look at the ingredients and the calories but it is all Mexican to me, not French but Mexican, ya its not that funny to me either. This stuff is so good, even without the Kahlua she suggested as an add on. I go looking to see if I do indeed have some Kahlua .. and I hit pay dirt!

La la land takes me two drinks to get there, I am a cheap drunk. I think about that frog at the bank and I wonder to myself how many frogs have I kissed in my life. Obviously not enough because there is no prince charming sitting here beside me. I wonder what that exquisite porcelain fly, looked like?

ah well .. its just a knick knack.. and maybe I’m whacked

time for a nap..