Coulda.. woulda.. shoulda .. looking back

images (128)Do you ever wonder or reflect on what might or could have been? I used to do that.. a lot, in fact. That was not that long ago I guess.. more so when I was married. Mostly in the not so good times, don’t we all tend to do that , when we are down?

This could apply to any parts or stages in our life, if only this happened or should I have done that? Sure I would have changed some things, appreciating my body back then would be up there (who knew we were so perfect.. we sure didn’t).

I certainly would have taken more control over my life instead of conforming to what others expected of me. Do you think that is why they invented hindsight? We only figure this out when we have some age on us. What would you change?imagesXM6B1R2M

The first thing I would do is commit to putting away a little money each month for the proverbial nest egg. . ok.. so that’s a lie, I never worried about old age and having money.. but younger ones should start that habit now, just sayin.

Money aside, my next thing would be to never let someone disrespect me. I would be a much more polite person myself, treating others with respect too. How hard is it be to be polite and treat others with respect.. exactly! 

imagesJ0J1NNLCAlthough we don’t intentionally dis-respect anyone (other than those closest to us) we do it in other ways. Brushing off someone for instance or ignoring someone you don’t care for or being rude to a service person.

Everyone deserves a measure of respect, just because you are family doesn’t negate this basic rule. Maybe that is what we are lacking in this world of ours today. Maybe we should be teaching good manners and respectfulness.

This is not to say we are all going down the path to uncivilized behavior, but then again look at what’s happening in the world right now. Some are committing unspeakable acts of in-human behavior never before seen in such dramatic, in your face viewing, for us all to see!images1HIXURAZ

Do you think that instilling good manners and politeness at a very early age would help solve all this rage that bursts forth from people? Maybe it is learning to control or finding a healthy outlet for letting off steam?

Women cry a lot, what do men do.. is that why they raise their voices and threaten and menace and sometimes even resort to physical violence?

I do believe we have the ability to change our behaviors and step up to the plate and take charge of our actions. Saying “that’s the way I am and I’m not changing” is just a cop out for being an asshole.

images7DMZ7L6MWe have all had our ‘moments’ in that costume I’m sure. That is where that saying “if the shoe fits ..wear it” comes from. Yes.. it’s true, some people never change and what a pity that is.. for them.

Coulda.. woulda.. shoulda.. famous laments.. from a lot of us at one time or another. I could and I did and I am..  a nicer person today than I was back then. I wouldn’t have changed a lot of my life because frankly, that is how we learn. imagesKWJBEUYW

The thing I wonder about is, if I refused to be treated poorly, would my life have had a different outcome today? Had I given more respect and not succumbed to playing in the dirt .. what then?

What would you change? Remember you can’t change anyone else, only yourself and your circumstance. Is there something you wished you would have done? Stupid question that last one.. just ignore it.

imagesLXEV37A4I don’t look back much anymore these last years.. I have no reason to. Taking charge of my own destiny was a turning point and my life is exactly how I want it to be.. well that nest egg would’ve come in handy now.. dam!