Mothers day.. is it really for us or just a bonus for the florists, hallmark and eating places?

I am of two minds about this day.. of course I want to see my kids, I never get to see them enough. It would seem the older I get the less time spent with them. Well sometimes it feels that way, I am not a nag so I will never rag on them and I do have a life. But they are a big part of my life and having them near makes me happy.

Going out somewhere fancy for a meal is ok I guess, but the meal is over much to early and then it is expected that I go home.. what fun is that? I go out to eat a lot.. so it is not that special for me. Spending time with my kids is special.

Preparing a meal they like is much more appealing to me and having them come over and hang out. Baking up a batch of homemade buns and maybe a big spaghetti dinner .. I know they would love that, and so would I. I have a pool and a gym.. I am also close to everything here in the city.. maybe going to a movie after dinner would be fun.

It would certainly be fun listening to everyone argue and agreeing on one movie for all.. oh ya.. bring it on. As long as it is not a horror or a stupid transformer one, or have caped heroes and for sure no unnecessary violence in it. Walt Disney works for me!

images2M1MFIJ6What do I want for a gift.. hmmm.. well my car needs detailing and I need a fan put up in my second bedroom. I’d also like my bedroom extended at the lake. A screened in porch would be nic, ok I am getting carried away here.

What I really want is a man.. yep there I said it! But only to do man stuff, well the other stuff is nice as well, but I digress. Ok lets change that to a handyman, one that is handy with his hands, hmm.. this is going downhill fast.

Someone to take out the garbage.. now why do I hate that job? It is not a hard thing to do but necessary, and one I keep putting off. Someone to fix stuff and lift things and screw in .. oh oh, there I go again.

My son came down south to visit me this past winter and I was so happy.. but he ended up with a list of things I needed fixed! So he worked the whole time he was with me.. how much fun was that for him I wonder? I did like having things working and my golf cart was a big head-ache until he came along and rectified that, and also  installing a couple new batteries.

Oil changes.. batteries.. tire rotations, all man stuff in my books.. unfortunately that oil is not going to change itself. Then there is stuff at the lake, my porch is still unfinished and.. and, well I suppose I could rake the leaves or maybe I’ll jump on the mower and cut them up? I’d love to try burning them like I see them doing, in the fields, but that could end badly.. images0870RC28 (2)

What do I want for mothers day, well.. I guess I want my kids to spend all day with me and not just go out for a meal. Lets all meet up for breakfast somewhere and then go wander around my neighborhood lots of new stores here.

I will have snack things on hand and then bake buns and make a favorite supper. We can also go to the pool or gym or shoot a game of pool.

How about we show home movies after supper and if we are still liking each other after spending the whole day together then maybe I’ll spring for ice cream ? (at McDonald’s .. not Coldstone Creamery)

Happy mothers day to my mom.. may she rest in peace.
Happy mothers day to my mom.. may she rest in peace.